A trip to the refuge to try and spot a “red dog”

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Yesterday we went to our local Oklahoma refuge to try and get a glimpse of a “red dog.”

“Red dog” is a reference to a baby bison. This is due to their “red” (more like orange) color when they are born. Some folk refer to baby bison as “cinny babies” due to their cinnamon-like color.

When baby bison are born, they are red/orange in color and their dark brown coloring develops after a few months. Their “humps” and horns also grow at that time. Read more about the bison here.

Since the babies tend to be born from late March through May, we headed out to the refuge to see if we could spot any “red dog.”

Alas, we did not spot any. We also didn’t spot many prairie dogs as about 50+ Longhorn were passing through prairie dog town.

Texas Longhorns passing through prairie dog town.

Lone prairie dog keeping an eye on the Longhorns.

But here’s some cute videos of red dogs:

We’ll try again next year and hopefully be able to see some “red dogs!”


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1 year ago

Thank you! Love the red dogs! I need to take a drive to the Bison area in OK. It’s been a while!

1 year ago

What a nice post. Thank you. I lived and worked 6 years on the Northern Ute Indian Reservation…..so much nature and wildlife taken for granted until moving to SoCal for work, and didn’t have it anymore…….this refreshes memories……of herds of Mule Deer, Elk, even Moose, very loud Magpies, Beaver, and yes, the Prairie Dogs who’d even burrow right beside the sidewalks in this rural “town” and come up to observe as you walked by…..among others…..