How to make your own plant/seed-starter pots from newspaper

Making your own plant pots is both inexpensive and environmentally sustainable


  • Newspaper: Newspapers with black or color ink are biodegradable and are considered safe for plants. Avoid glossy and shiny papers as they may not be safe for your garden.
  • Cylindrical object, such as a bottle or can

After the seedlings sprout, transfer the biodegradable seed-starter to your garden and let nature take care of the rest!


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Gracie Storvika
Gracie Storvika
8 days ago

Thank you Dr E for sharing such an inexpensive, easy way of starting seeds. I certainly would not have thought of that all on my own.

8 days ago

Thank you Dr.E for this clever post and valuable information. Great tips!

7 days ago

Thanks Dr. E for disseminating an easy seed-starter! For yrs, I’ve done a more complicated square “origami” newspaper seed starter. I’ve even had my art students make them & start Sunflower seeds as an art project in Spring. This is so much easier! I will be using this one now. BTW. I started seedlings in Feb., & planted mid-March ….I’ve already picked my FIRST 3 ripe tomatoes here in SoCal! Earliest ever! June 1 ! My goal has been to pick a ripe tomato here on or abt July 4, b/c by the 2nd wk of July here, we are in110-degree range until nearly 1 Oct. in my micro-climate Inland Empire. Blossoms die/drop off at 85-90 degrees, so we have to get some of our garden crop planted/reaped bef first of August. There’s a 2nd crop when, for instance, blossoms will remain to be pollenated in Sept..& produce a final, 2nd, crop of little (golf-ball-sized} in late fall. I gather them all green or just turning abt 1 Dec & set them on my covered back porch, using them as they redden to about New Year’s. Then we start again 🙂 My Swiss Chard, peppers of any kind, and Japanese Egg Plant are way more forgiving…and produce through almost any climate for at least 3 seasons. ..Anywhere. Remember everyone…to provide your garden bees with water for the whole pollenating season! I have a small decorative fountain in my garden and the bees drink gallons every day! But, you could have a plain old, non-circulating decorative bird bath….just fill it every day…twice a day if you have a nearby bee colony, as I do.