Training Dogs in Prison Changed This Man’s Life

The sponsor of this program, Pawsitive Change in California, sounds like a very successful partnership!


The former inmate’s name is Nhut Vo.

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1 month ago

The Dodo always has such sweet videos. End of the video had art_noumenon. That is him. He has an instagram, and a site called where people can commission pet portraits. He does beautiful work.
Such a good lesson. To forgive those dogs or men who know not what they do. Because – who does know?

1 month ago

A prison reform program that actually works! — good for inmates and for the dogs that otherwise would be euthanized.

Brian Heinz
Brian Heinz
1 month ago

Funny how God can use anything he wants any way he wants to make our lives here so much more.
My wife and I were able to get a rescue dog from were I worked he had been yelled at run off and he was the watch dog and lived in the back. Short of it they closed the business and I went and got the dog they left him.
That dog took us a yr to get him to let us pet him after he realized all we wanted to do was love on him he changed over night.

He only lived another yr people in the back of the warehouse left antifreeze out and he got kidney failure and passed. My wife is convinced God sent us that dog to help her heal with the death of her father. Sorry for going on this post made me think of the dog.

1 month ago
Reply to  Brian Heinz

You were the only loving light in the life of this poorly treated dog. Bless you. My husband & I only raise rescue dogs. We have been so blessed by them. We are “dogless” now b/c we lost them one by one to age (but busy with enough cats 🙂 and waiting for God to lead us to our next rescue. I’ve always said that, “God will knock on our door,” when the time and the dog is right for us….I learned that lesson at age 6 when my dad met a farmer who took in a stray mom who had 2 puppies. We went to choose my first pet, and, instead of choosing the brown, plain one who came to nest in my lap and cuddle with me, I chose the “pretty one.” She was never loving, never a “family dog,” and in fact, ran away while we were in the middle of a family move . I learned a bitter lesson at a young age: take what God lovingly gives you, and not what you might think is prettier and better. It’s the bigger story that I learned much later in life from study, that everything is in God’s time…..and not by our choice. …even if we might not understand at the time. Again…thank you for your post and bless you for the love you gave that dog and so thankful for the exchange that helped your wife, too, through a difficult time.