Guy blows up his Tesla instead of paying $22K for repairs

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This story/video comes from Finland where a man chose to blow up his 2013 Model S Tesla instead of paying $22,000 to fix it.

He’d had it just a month (drove just 900 miles) when he received an error code and had to take it in for service. The repair shop told the man the faulty battery needed to be replaced, at a cost of about $22,000. And since someone had done some prior work on the car, this work would need to be authorized by Tesla.

So instead of spending that insane amount of money to fix a car, he decided to blow it up!

Before they blew up the Tesla, a helicopterdropped a mannequin with the face of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, which they strapped into the driver’s seat of the doomed sedan. LOL.

Blow up starts around the 5:00 mark!

Kinda makes me glad I drive a 20-year-old car that is still running with 164K miles!


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1 year ago

Now that’s instant Karma!

1 year ago

This Tesla used materials mined out of Africa with slave-like labor( with concomitant health issues) to make a battery that had a less than decade life to power a car that cost over $100,000 new. Additionally, this bandit car plugs in every day of its useful life into an electrical system run by over 95% COAL, maybe 5% by clean natural gas and other. One of my kids owns a Tessla….and I asked “where are these bad, pollutant batteries goin in 10 years when you are done with them? ” The kid answer is….they will be recycled. My answer is…we will be digging caves in the Nevada desert to bury them like nuclear waste…….MEANWHILE…my husband and I are in search of a decent 1964 Ford Falcon…the first used car I ever owned,,,,6 cyliner, 250 cu inch engine, 4.1 litre. Two barrel carburetor. No Chinese/Taiwan chips & so impervious to a Russian or Chinese EMP (electromagnetic inmpulse attack—-to my car…but will take out my phone, radio, TV…etc…) ….25 or more mpg…it was like a Jeep engine in a little tine body….tho’ I had room for 5 seat belts…. IMHO…anyone with any sense would be looking for one of these or at LEAST a bicycle to get the hell out of Dodge when the time comes…..IF YOU EVEN THINK Biden will be alive for his full term….or run and win another 4 years after….PLAN UP.

1 year ago

“He’d had it just a month (drove just 900 miles)”

That’s a lemon for sure. Shouldn’t there be a warranty on the (new) car?