Homeless dog finds shelter next to baby Jesus

In Criciúma, Brazil, a homeless dog finds shelter in a nativity scene next to baby Jesus….


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Brian Heinz
Brian Heinz
29 days ago

So Good moves the soul just listening to it. Praise be to God

29 days ago

I pray someone will give that dog a home for Christmas. What a sweet pic!
Ave Maria was beautiful. Amazing voices!

28 days ago

I have now celebrated Christmas.
The music was heavenly. Those young men!
I too pray someone takes in that dog.
DId the little dog know the place was special and the straw was there to cradle little ones? I wish he was my dog.
Thank you for posting and a lovely Christmas for all
Peace on Earth, Good will to men!

27 days ago

The dog: in a heart beat, were I there, he would have come home with me. Having lost my last of 3 Labs/mixes, I am waiting for God to knock on my door for the next……

The music: eyes closed, near tears with joy and gratitude for the beautiful gift they gave…..I am reminded and thankful that some years ago I “ran away to art” from academia (or nearly so…..still have to teach a History now and then when called upon)…… Have pretty much decided that the arts are the only true basis for science and medicine and anything innovative today as they were in the beginning…..the beginning being WITHOUT politicians……and politics…..

26 days ago

Thank you Dr.E for this precious post. The little dog could have snuggled next to any of the statues, but he instinctively selected the baby Jesus.