We have a winner!

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. . . for our 252nd Caption Contest!

This was a difficult contest for our voters because there were many really clever entries.

But our writers dutifully voted for their #1 (best) and #2 (next best) captions. Each #1 vote is worth 4 points; each #2 vote is worth 2 points.

And the winner of our 252nd Caption Contest, with three #1 votes and 12 points, is:


Here is the winning caption:

“It’s okay, I’m trans-normal and if you question that you’re racist.”

Jackie Puppet and MR B. are in second place, each with one #1 vote and 4 points:

Jackie Puppet: “Pediatrician?? He looks more like a pedophile-trician!”

MR B.: “I’m sure this ‘woman’s’ telling us the cure to COVID is a jar of Vaseline petroleum jelly.”

Calgirl, Christy, another Jackie Puppet caption, Jen, and Tim Shey are all in third place, each with one #2 vote and 2 points:

Calgirl: “Unfortunately, for male or female or anything in between, there is no surgical solution to fix UGLY.”

Christy: “I am woman, hear me roar!”

Jackie Puppet: “Rachel??!?! Dick Levine should’ve changed his name to Dick Less-vine!”

Jen: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

Tim Shey: “This picture reminds me of a quote from the film BRAVEHEART (1995): ‘Whom do I send? Not my gentle son. The mere sight of him would only encourage an enemy to take over the whole country.’ – King Edward I “


Congratulations, Anonymous!!!

For all the other caption entries, go here.

Be here this Tuesday for our next very exciting Caption Contest!



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4 months ago

Thank you. It just seemed to capture things.

Last edited 4 months ago by Anonymous
Jackie Puppet
Jackie Puppet
4 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous


3 months ago

Oh Geez…in my haze of going back to work w/Covid & all the weirdness of it…..I’ve just now seen this!!! I want you all to know that, when I first saw this person during the first wave of COVID crisis when he/she, in Pennsylvania, took his/her mother out of nursing home to safety, away from the NY, NJ PA shared government mandates at the time that doomed at-risk seniors to be returned to nursing homes rife w/Covid (all so they could politically reject the provisions of Trump for treatment/safety so as to NOT give Trump a political “victory” with this, as it unfolded)….I asked my cousin in Pennsylvania, land of my birth & much family yet …….”Am I seeing things? Is this a woman or a man? And, why is he/she of any significance?” Cousin informed me that (pre-Biden election) he/she was in charge of the dept of health for PA ( dont’ know what they call it officially) & that He had transgendered to a She…& that He/She, ahead of all the bullshit advice given to everyone else, had removed his/her mother from a nursing home to his/her home or an elsewhere safe place in the face of Covid…to which all other “inferior” or “normal & not privileged” were NOT allowed to opt. He/She saved his/her own mother, but doomed the mothers/fathers of all others who were at risk in the moment. And NOW…He/She is in the top advisement to the present government of Dementia Joe for US. Public Health Service….Believe me, for which my husband & I have worked in the past & for which we cringe for this sorry representation both morally and in any base of reality. This man/woman is an abomination and NOT just because of his/;her gender confusion, but because of his/her immorality of public service in the face of Covid even BEFORE Dementia Joe appointed her/him.