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Fun time in the snow!

Are you going to have snow for Christmas?

Here in Oklahoma we’ve had a very mild winter with no snow so far. I don’t mind if we do get some snow though…just like these creatures don’t mind it. Some of the are having a blast in the snow!



Have you tried the new Gingerbread Cookie Kit Kat?

Did you even know that Hershey’s made a Gingerbreat Cookie Kit Kat bar?

They were introduced this year for the Christmas holiday and I just discovered them a week or so ago. I do not like the peppermint and candy cane candies you see this time of year so I was very excited to find this treat!

Instead of a chocolate covering/filling the Kit Kat bar is covered with a gingerbread-flavored creme. I’m such a fan of these that we purchased four bags to get us through December. I just might have to buy a few more bags on my next grocery store trip, LOL.

If you like gingerbread cookies and Kit Kats, I highly recommend you buy some of these before they are gone!



Meet Seamus, a bird rescued by a mom & her kids



Wednesday funnies!





See the many creatures that use a wildlife “highway”

From Voyageurs Wolf Project comes a video that shows a beaver dam in northern Minnesota and the many wildlife creatures that use the dam as a “highway.”

From the video description:

“This video is a compilation of the wildlife that crossed a beaver dam just south of Voyageurs National Park from March 2019-April 2020. This video was literally a year in the making!

Beaver dams can be wildlife highways in boreal environments like the Greater Voyageurs Ecosystem, allowing all sorts of wildlife to easily cross wetland habitats which might be otherwise difficult to get across.”




What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

We all have our favorite Christmas movies. The movies (all decades old, for me) we watch year after year, even knowing every scene and every ending.

Here’s a few of mine:

This one is for the guys (I love this movie, too)!

What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Share with us in the comments!



Why haven’t we seen more of this?

Remember in 2017 when a professor’s kids interrupted his live BBC TV interview?

With so many people being quarantined/working from home during the past almost two years, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more interviews end up like this!

Happy Friday!



Winston finds a friend!

Meet Winston, a miniature steer who lives at Delmar Farm. The farm is a equine and farm animal sanctuary in Florida that is home to horses, donkeys, pigs, goats, sheep, a cow, dogs and a barn cat.  The majority of their animals are rescues, special needs, seniors or have been donated.

Delmar obtained Winston when he was two months old. He had a hard time making friends on the farm until he met Ronny!

Read more about Winston and Delmar Farm here!



Christmas Funnies…Southern Style!



Y’all ready? Christmas shipping deadlines fast approaching!

Christmas will be here before you know it!

Awhile ago I had heard rumors that packages and Christmas cards could be late if you didn’t mail them early. The supposed reason for this was “supply chain issues.”

Whatever the case may be for anticipated mail/package delays, NPR put out a list of shipping company deadlines to make sure your cards and packages make it on time to their intended recipient(s). Here’s the deadline dates:


  • December 15: USPS retail ground service
  • December 17: First-class mail service (including Christmas cards)
  • December 17: First-class packages
  • December 18: Priority Mail
  • December 23: Priority Mail Express


  • December 9: Ground & Freight Economy
  • December 15: Ground & Home Delivery
  • December 21: Express Saver
  • December 22: 2Day & 2Day-AM
  • December 23: Overnight services
  • December 24: Same-day services


  • December 21: 3-Day Select
  • December 22: 2nd Day Air services
  • December 23: Next-day Air services

NPR has more information for mail/packages to Hawaii, Alaska and international shipments here.

Hope this helps!