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Russian Definition of Free Speech

Russian model Gretta Vedle, 23, murdered for insulting Russian President Vladamir Putin.

Russian  model Gretta Vedler, 23, murdered for insulting  dictator Vladimir Putin.

From the New York Post

Gretta Vedler , a Russian model who called Vladimir Putin a “psychopath,” was found dead in a suitcase a year later after disappearing. Vedler’s disappearance came a month after posted an anti-Putin rant on social media.

“Vedler’s ex-boyfriend Dmitry Korovin, 23, has confessed to strangling her to death before driving her 300 miles to the Lipetsk region and abandoning the body in the trunk of a car,” the Daily Star reported. Korovin said he slept in a hotel room with her body for three nights before placing it in a newly bought suitcase.

Gretta ‘s social  media posts showed that  she was concerned over his crackdown on protests and what she saw as a desire to forge a bigger Russia.

“I can only assume, in my opinion, clear psychopathy or sociopathy is seen in him. For psychopaths, it is important to constantly experience a sense of fullness and sharpness of life, so they love risk, intense experiences, intense communication, intense activity – an intense and dynamic life,” she wrote, according to the Daily Mirror.

‘Given the fact that Putin went through a lot of humiliation in childhood, he could not stand up for himself due to his [slight] physical form, it is not surprising that he left after law school and joined the KGB,’ she wrote.

‘Such people are timid and fearful from childhood, afraid of noise and darkness, strangers, so traits such as caution, restraint, and lack of communication are developed early in their character.

She told her followers: ‘For psychopaths, it is important to constantly experience a sense of fullness and sharpness of life, so they love risk, intense experiences, intense communication, intense activity – an intense and dynamic life. Maybe he really wants to enhance the integrity of Russia and sincerely wishes the good for the Russians. But can he really do anything?’

She made clear she had grave doubts. ‘I think you know the answer to this question yourself,’ she posted.

Korovin told investigators that  he kept posting pictures and messages on the model’s social media in an attempt  to make friends believe she was still alive. He told interrogators that he slept in a hotel room for three nights with her corpse which he put in a newly-bought suitcase.

But a  male friend called Evgeniy Foster – a blogger in Kharkiv, the Ukrainian city blitzed by Russian forces – became suspicious and found a friend in Moscow to file a missing person case. This triggered  a search which eventually located her body. A video from Russia’s Investigative Committee shows Korovin allegedly demonstrating how he killed the model, and making a full confession.

~ Grif

P.S. Anyone who thinks this is just a coincidence, raise your hand.


Me neither.

Hillary Clinton, architect of anti-Trump conspiracy, booed by crowd

Two days ago, Hillary Clinton was in New York City to give a speech at the 2022 New York State Democratic Convention.

As she left a downtown hotel, she was booed and heckled by a crowd shouting “Murderer!”.

The booing, no doubt, was in response to DOJ Special Counsel John Durham‘s report that in 2016, Hillary’s (failed) presidential campaign (1) concocted the fictitious story of Donald Trump’s Russian collusion; and (2) spied on Trump — in the Trump Tower and in the White House.

From David Kubal, “Justice at the Gates: The Clinton Campaign,” Intercessors For America, February 19, 2022:

We all remember the impeachment process in 2019 when President Trump was accused of colluding with Russia to influence the outcome of the 2016 election. Though the House voted for impeachment in the democratically-controlled chamber, the articles were never taken up by the republican Senate.

U.S. Attorney General (AG) William Barr appointed a Special Counsel to look into matters that came to surface during the impeachment process….

AG Barr appointed US Attorney John Durham to lead the investigation. Durham and his team filed a motion in court on February 11, 2022 that, if proven to be true, would turn out to be the largest scandal in American history. The filing alleges presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer, Michael Sussman (Partner at Perkins & Coie and former legal counsel for the Democratic National Committee), worked with an unnamed “Tech Executive” (and a number of other parties) to provide a fictitious “white paper” to the FBI creating the false narrative connecting candidate Trump with a Russian bank. The filing also alleges the same parties monitored internet traffic to the Trump Tower, Candidate Trump’s apartment and understand the gravity of these next few wordsthe Executive Office of the President of the United States, shortly after President Trump took office.

The campaign of a presidential candidate was part of misleading the FBI, resulting in impeachment (but not removal) of a sitting U.S. President. In addition, the campaign monitored the private internet traffic of a political opponent and the Office of a United States President.

The Office of the United States President. Let that sink in…

On February 11, 2022, Durham filed a criminal motion in U.S. District Court, District of Columbia, against Michael Sussman. From United States of America v. Michael A. Sussman:

The defendant [Michael Sussman] is charged in a one-count indictment with making a materially false statement to the FBI, in violation of Title 18, United  States Code, Section 1001 (the “Indictment”). As set  forth in the Indictment , on Sept. 19, 2016 – less than  two months before the 2016 U.S. Presidential election – the defendant, a lawyer at a large international  law firm (“Law Firm-1”) that was then serving as counsel to the Clinton Campaign, met with the FBI  General Counsel at FBI Headquarters in  Washington, D.C. The defendant provided the FBI  General Counsel with purported  data and “white  papers ” that allegedly demonstrated a covert  communications channel between the Trump  Organization and a Russia-based bank (“Russian  Bank-1”). The Indictment alleges that the defendant lied in that meeting, falsely stating to the General  Counsel that he was not providing the allegations to  the FBI on behalf of any client. In fact, the defendant  had assembled and conveyed the allegations to the  FBI on behalf of at least two specific clients,  including (i) a technology executive (“Tech Executive- 1”) at a U.S.-based Internet company (“Internet  Company-1”), and (ii) the Clinton Campaign.

Hillary Clinton not only denies complicity, she has the nerve to accuse Durham of engineering a “conspiracy”. The woman has neither shame nor conscience. When, just when, will she be brought to justice?


Christians are going extinct in Jerusalem, attacked by radical Jews

In an essay in The Telegraph, Dec. 18, 2021, Francesco Patton, the leader of the Franciscan Friars in the Holy Land and throughout the Middle East, dolefully writes that Christians are on the verge of extinction in Jerusalem:

[O]nce we numbered 20 per cent of the population of Jerusalem, today the Christian community counts for less than 2 per cent.

In recent years, the lives of many Christians have been made unbearable by radical local groups with extremist ideologies. It seems that their aim is to free the Old City of Jerusalem from its Christian presence, even the Christian quarter. In the last years we suffered because of the desecration of our holy sites, the vandalization of our churches, offences against our priests, monks and worshippers. The frequency of these hate crimes leaves families and communities who have lived here for generations feeling unwelcome in their own homes.

But Patton does not identify who the “radical local groups with extremist ideologies” are.

The reader immediately thinks of radical Muslims.

But Patton provides a clue when he writes that “These radical groups do not represent the government or the people of Israel.”

A couple of alert Telegraph readers point us to these little-known and -publicized news reports:

  • In 2015, National Geographic reported on increasing “tension between Christians in Israel and a growing movement of Jewish extremists who seek to cleanse their nation of religious minorities.” Attacks against Christians “have become more brutal and more aggressive,” including an arson attack six months ago that left one Catholic monk hospitalized and caused nearly $1.8 million in damage.” The response from the Israeli government had been less than vigorous.
  • More recently, on Dec. 17, 2021, LifeSiteNews reports that “Throughout recent years…, there have been reports of radical Jewish individuals and groups in Jerusalem spitting on Christians, disrupting their prayer and likely firebombing their property, which Church authorities have routinely condemned…. According to a 2017 report, within an eight-year timeframe, 53 churches and mosques were vandalized in Israel and Palestinian territories under Israeli military occupation. Of those incidents there were only nine indictments and seven convictions, with 45 of those cases being closed.”

The Israeli government is not just limpid in its response to the attacks by radical Jewish groups against Christians, the government indirectly encourages the attacks via the 2018 Nation State Law.

The Nation State Law states that although non-Jews (including Christians and Arabs) “are no less citizens of this country than our Jewish brothers and sisters,” “According to this law, the State of Israel has legislated that the people whose ‘welfare and safety’ it is most concerned to promote and protect are limited to the Jewish citizens of the State of Israel.

Doesn’t this send a message to Jewish extremists that the Israeli government will not promote and protect the welfare and safety of Christians?

Meanwhile, the response from Pope Francis is the sound of crickets.

Pope Francis hides the Crucifix in his waist sash so as not to offend Israeli rabbis.


High Times in the Big Apple


Lost in lethal dreams, a junkie destroys his life on a sidewalk.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is opening the country’s first “supervised shooting galleries” for junkies, a measure he believes will help keep addicts from shooting up openly on the sidewalks of Manhattan as they now do routinely. His nonprofit-run “Overdose Prevention Centers” are located in East Harlem and Washington Heights, and are expected to open as early as Tuesday (Nov. 30).

The locations were chosen based on “health need and depth of program experience,” according to the NYC Health Department. The sites will provide clean needles and social services. Addicts have to bring their own dope.
According to de Blasio, the shooting galleries are a safe and effective way to address the opioid crisis. “I’m proud to show cities in this country that after decades of failure, a smarter approach is possible,” de Blasio said in a statement Tuesday.

The mayor had attempted to create drug shooting galleries prior to the election of Joe Biden to the presidency but was unsuccessful.
The mayor tried to push the controversial proposal to open a total of four sites before, but was blocked by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and President Donald Trump, who both opposed the plan.

Opposition to the program continues today.
City Council Minority Leader Joe Borelli (R-Staten Island) was skeptical about the program’s effectiveness.

“British Columbia has led North America in safe injection sites, all while crossing overdose death milestones every month. How anyone can see this as a solution to a serious problem is beyond me, never mind the concerns of the neighbors,” Borelli told The Post Tuesday.

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY), whose district includes Staten Island and parts of southern Brooklyn, called on the Department of Justice to block the sites, noting that under former President Trump the DOJ said such sites would violate the federal Controlled Substances Act.

Malliotakis wrote U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland Tuesday urging him to “take swift action to enforce federal law.”

The congresswoman cited a Jan. 2021 Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that determined it was a federal crime for a supervised injection site run by a Philadelphia nonprofit to allow consumption of illegal drug use at its location.
“Instead of focusing on the root cause of the drug epidemic, Mayor de Blasio is enabling drug cartels that continue to break our laws, smuggle illegal drugs over our border, and prey on our children,” Malliotakis said.

“Crime and fentanyl use are at record highs because of open borders, botched bail reform, and anti-police policies that keep releasing criminal drug dealers back onto our streets. Opening taxpayer-funded heroin shooting galleries is not a proper solution. These centers not only encourage drug use but they will further deteriorate our quality of life,” she said.

~ Grif

Police honor 9-year-old girl who helped fight off mom’s attacker

Quite the brave little girl!


Biden now says no to $450T to each separated illegal migrant

Do you remember Grif’s post of October 28 on F*ck Joe Biden’s plan to give $450,000 of taxpayer dollars to each illegal immigrant who was separated from their family during the Trump administration in compensation for their “lasting psychological trauma”?

According to the Wall St. Journal, the plan was hatched by F*ck Joe Biden’s departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services. Although the amounts have not ben finalized, the total could be almost $1 million per family.

There is still some sanity left in the America that the Left had systematically and relentlessly destroyed.

Apparently, F*ck Joe Biden’s plan was met with such widespread outrage that he is now backing off from the insane plan.

NewsMax reports that on Nov. 3, 2021:

Biden insisted his administration was not considering paying migrant families separated under the Trump administration $450,000 per person. ‘

“That’s not going to happen,” Biden told media members, the Washington Examiner reported….

Biden admitted that paying migrants could motivate more people to try to enter the U.S. illegally.

“If you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah, but it’s not true,” he said.

The ACLU [who favors the money-giving plan]…tweeted that the president “may not have been fully briefed about the actions of his very own DOJ.” […]

Asked about Biden’s comment on Wednesday, a Justice Department spokeswoman said “the department will not comment on ongoing litigation,” The New York Times reported.

Families were separated under then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ April 2018 “zero tolerance” policy of prosecuting all adults apprehended after illegally crossed the border. Trump signed an order to end family separations in June 2018.

Lawsuits have been filed on behalf of parents and children who blame government for leaving them with “lasting psychological trauma,” according to the Journal, which added that about 940 claims had been filed.

I wouldn’t be complacent about F*ck Joe Biden backing off from the plan because:

  1. The federal agencies behind the scheme (DOJ, DHS and HHS) have not refuted the plan.
  2. There is still the matter of the 940 lawsuits that were filed on behalf of the “separated” illegal-migrants.


77-year-old man with a CCL shoots and kills robber in Chicago

From MyFoxChicago:

“An elderly man with a concealed carry license shot and killed a robber in Chicago on Saturday afternoon, police said.

The 77-year-old was in a garage on East 89th near MLK in West Chesterfield around 12:30 p.m. when the robber drove up.

The robber pulled out a gun and demanded the elderly man’s stuff, police said.

Instead of handing his things over, the elderly man pulled out a gun and shot the robber in the head and chest, police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Chicago Police said that the elderly man has a valid Firearms Owner Identification Card and a Concealed Carry License. The Chicago Fire Department confirmed that he is a retired firefighter.”


Toxic masculinity: 85-year-old man fights off robbers

This occurred in 2018 Glanmire, Ireland. An 85-year-0ld great-grandfather scared off three weapon-wielding robbers from a betting parlor.

Read all the details of the attempted robbery here.

Thank God there’s still some good ol’ toxic masculinity left in men like Dennis O’Connor!


Karma comes to 4 toxic Democrats: Cuomo, Baldwin, Griffin, Teigen

There does seem to be karma for certain, not all, obnoxious, insufferable people on the Left.

First, it was “television personality” Chrissy Teigen.

In May 2021, another “television personality” Courtney Stodden said that in 2011, during her marriage to her much older busband Doug Hutchison, Teigen tweeted and privately messaged the couple urging them to take their own life. Teigen apologized to Stodden, blaming her behavior on her past, insecure, attention-seeking self. A month later, Teigen released another apology for taunting and cyberbullying fashion designer Michael Costello and “television personality” Farrah Abraham. 

Then, it was so-called comedienne Kathy Griffin — she who held up a mockup of President Trump’s severed head.

In August 2021, Griffin announced that she had been diagnosed with lung cancer. That same month, she underwent surgery to have half of her left lung removed.

Alec Baldwin tweeted this

The third insufferable Leftist is actor Alec Baldwin.

On October 21, 2021, on the movie set of “Rust” in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Baldwin was rehearsing for a scene and fired a so-called prop gun, which turned out to be a real gun with real bullets, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza. According to gun safety rules, Baldwin should have checked the gun himself, instead of rely on the assistant director Dave Halls declaring that the gun was “cold”. Halls has subsequently admitted in an affidavit that he had not thoroughly checked the gun he handed to Baldwin.

Baldwin was not just an actor in the movie, he was also a producer and, therefore, was responsible for safety and working conditions. Just hours before the fatal shooting, seven union crew members, who had protested against unsafe working conditions, were told to leave the set, with a producer threatening to call the police if they did not leave. The seven were replaced by non-union members.

We also now know that there was plenty of live ammunition on the movie set, and that crew members had been target shooting with real bullets and real guns, including the gun later fired by Baldwin.

The latest is Andrew “nipple rings” Cuomo, 63, whom media whores had lavishly praised for his disastrous handling of COVID-9.

Last August, Cuomo reluctantly resigned from being governor of New York after 10½ years in office. He resigned only after a five-month independent investigation concluded that Cuomo had engaged in conduct that violated federal and state laws — that of sexually harassing 11 women, 9 of whom were current or former state workers.

NewsMax reports that today, October 28,2021, Cuomo was charged with a misdemeanor sex crime.

The complaint, filed in a court in Albany, the state’s capital, states that “At the aforesaid date time and location the defendant Andrew M. Cuomo did intentionally, and for no legitimate purpose, forcibly place his hand under the blouse shirt of the victim [redacted] and into her intimate body part. Specifically, the victims (sic) left breast for the purposes of degrading and gratifying his sexual desires….”

Cuomo is expected to be arrested next week, the New York Post reported.


Don’t mess with a Marine!

This happened last week in Yuma, Arizona. A Marine vet disarmed a punk trying to rob a Chevron store. Watch (commentary by Steve Inman):

When Yuma County Sheriff’s Office asked James Kilcer, who previously served in the U.S. Marine Corps, how he was able to take control of the situation he replied, “The Marine Corps taught me not to (mess) around.”

H/t truckjunkie