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Police honor 9-year-old girl who helped fight off mom’s attacker

Quite the brave little girl!



Biden now says no to $450T to each separated illegal migrant

Do you remember Grif’s post of October 28 on F*ck Joe Biden’s plan to give $450,000 of taxpayer dollars to each illegal immigrant who was separated from their family during the Trump administration in compensation for their “lasting psychological trauma”?

According to the Wall St. Journal, the plan was hatched by F*ck Joe Biden’s departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services. Although the amounts have not ben finalized, the total could be almost $1 million per family.

There is still some sanity left in the America that the Left had systematically and relentlessly destroyed.

Apparently, F*ck Joe Biden’s plan was met with such widespread outrage that he is now backing off from the insane plan.

NewsMax reports that on Nov. 3, 2021:

Biden insisted his administration was not considering paying migrant families separated under the Trump administration $450,000 per person. ‘

“That’s not going to happen,” Biden told media members, the Washington Examiner reported….

Biden admitted that paying migrants could motivate more people to try to enter the U.S. illegally.

“If you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah, but it’s not true,” he said.

The ACLU [who favors the money-giving plan]…tweeted that the president “may not have been fully briefed about the actions of his very own DOJ.” […]

Asked about Biden’s comment on Wednesday, a Justice Department spokeswoman said “the department will not comment on ongoing litigation,” The New York Times reported.

Families were separated under then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ April 2018 “zero tolerance” policy of prosecuting all adults apprehended after illegally crossed the border. Trump signed an order to end family separations in June 2018.

Lawsuits have been filed on behalf of parents and children who blame government for leaving them with “lasting psychological trauma,” according to the Journal, which added that about 940 claims had been filed.

I wouldn’t be complacent about F*ck Joe Biden backing off from the plan because:

  1. The federal agencies behind the scheme (DOJ, DHS and HHS) have not refuted the plan.
  2. There is still the matter of the 940 lawsuits that were filed on behalf of the “separated” illegal-migrants.



77-year-old man with a CCL shoots and kills robber in Chicago

From MyFoxChicago:

“An elderly man with a concealed carry license shot and killed a robber in Chicago on Saturday afternoon, police said.

The 77-year-old was in a garage on East 89th near MLK in West Chesterfield around 12:30 p.m. when the robber drove up.

The robber pulled out a gun and demanded the elderly man’s stuff, police said.

Instead of handing his things over, the elderly man pulled out a gun and shot the robber in the head and chest, police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Chicago Police said that the elderly man has a valid Firearms Owner Identification Card and a Concealed Carry License. The Chicago Fire Department confirmed that he is a retired firefighter.”



Toxic masculinity: 85-year-old man fights off robbers

This occurred in 2018 Glanmire, Ireland. An 85-year-0ld great-grandfather scared off three weapon-wielding robbers from a betting parlor.

Read all the details of the attempted robbery here.

Thank God there’s still some good ol’ toxic masculinity left in men like Dennis O’Connor!



Karma comes to 4 toxic Democrats: Cuomo, Baldwin, Griffin, Teigen

There does seem to be karma for certain, not all, obnoxious, insufferable people on the Left.

First, it was “television personality” Chrissy Teigen.

In May 2021, another “television personality” Courtney Stodden said that in 2011, during her marriage to her much older busband Doug Hutchison, Teigen tweeted and privately messaged the couple urging them to take their own life. Teigen apologized to Stodden, blaming her behavior on her past, insecure, attention-seeking self. A month later, Teigen released another apology for taunting and cyberbullying fashion designer Michael Costello and “television personality” Farrah Abraham. 

Then, it was so-called comedienne Kathy Griffin — she who held up a mockup of President Trump’s severed head.

In August 2021, Griffin announced that she had been diagnosed with lung cancer. That same month, she underwent surgery to have half of her left lung removed.

Alec Baldwin tweeted this

The third insufferable Leftist is actor Alec Baldwin.

On October 21, 2021, on the movie set of “Rust” in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Baldwin was rehearsing for a scene and fired a so-called prop gun, which turned out to be a real gun with real bullets, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza. According to gun safety rules, Baldwin should have checked the gun himself, instead of rely on the assistant director Dave Halls declaring that the gun was “cold”. Halls has subsequently admitted in an affidavit that he had not thoroughly checked the gun he handed to Baldwin.

Baldwin was not just an actor in the movie, he was also a producer and, therefore, was responsible for safety and working conditions. Just hours before the fatal shooting, seven union crew members, who had protested against unsafe working conditions, were told to leave the set, with a producer threatening to call the police if they did not leave. The seven were replaced by non-union members.

We also now know that there was plenty of live ammunition on the movie set, and that crew members had been target shooting with real bullets and real guns, including the gun later fired by Baldwin.

The latest is Andrew “nipple rings” Cuomo, 63, whom media whores had lavishly praised for his disastrous handling of COVID-9.

Last August, Cuomo reluctantly resigned from being governor of New York after 10½ years in office. He resigned only after a five-month independent investigation concluded that Cuomo had engaged in conduct that violated federal and state laws — that of sexually harassing 11 women, 9 of whom were current or former state workers.

NewsMax reports that today, October 28,2021, Cuomo was charged with a misdemeanor sex crime.

The complaint, filed in a court in Albany, the state’s capital, states that “At the aforesaid date time and location the defendant Andrew M. Cuomo did intentionally, and for no legitimate purpose, forcibly place his hand under the blouse shirt of the victim [redacted] and into her intimate body part. Specifically, the victims (sic) left breast for the purposes of degrading and gratifying his sexual desires….”

Cuomo is expected to be arrested next week, the New York Post reported.



Don’t mess with a Marine!

This happened last week in Yuma, Arizona. A Marine vet disarmed a punk trying to rob a Chevron store. Watch (commentary by Steve Inman):

When Yuma County Sheriff’s Office asked James Kilcer, who previously served in the U.S. Marine Corps, how he was able to take control of the situation he replied, “The Marine Corps taught me not to (mess) around.”

H/t truckjunkie



California man who twice broke into his dad’s former home fatally shot by new owners

Feel good story to start your week!

From Yahoo:

A California man who broke into his old home twice in the same weekend was fatally shot by the new owners, according to a press release from the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities identified the man as 28-year-old Lennin Elizalde, the son of the house’s former owner, according to the sheriff’s office.

While moving in on October 9, the new owners noticed Elizalde inside their home after he broke in through the side door, the news release said.

Law enforcement said Elizalde refused to leave the property until the new owners called 911, and said he threatened the two occupants but left the scene before detectives arrived, the sheriff’s office said.

Elizalde was later located by deputies and “was arrested for illegal entry into a dwelling, vandalism, and possession of methamphetamine,” the news release said. “While transporting him to jail, Lennin informed the deputy that he believed that the residence was still his property and that he intended to return to the home.”

When Elizalde was in custody, a deputy requested to increase his bail based on his threats. A judge later denied the application due to the nature of his misdemeanor charges, according to the news release.

He was released from jail and returned to the property just after 12 a.m. on October 10. The new owners told authorities Elizalde broke into the home by kicking through the front door before he attacked a male occupant who was sleeping in the living room, according to the Mercury News.

Authorities said the other owner, identified as another male, shot Elizalde in self-defense. The intruder died at the scene, authorities said. No one has been arrested or charged with Elizalde’s death.”

Some people just have to learn the hard way…



18 of America’s 20 worst cities are run by Democrats

WalletHub compared the operating efficiency of 150 of the largest U.S. cities to determine which among them are managed best, based on a “Quality of Services” score made up of 38 metrics grouped into 6 service categories:

  1. Financial stability
  2. Education
  3. Health
  4. Safety
  5. Economy
  6. Infrastructure and Pollution

Each city’s “Quality of Services” score is then measured against the city’s per-capita budget. (To find out more about WalletHub’s methodology, go here.)

Source: WalletHub

No surprise to us, Los Angeles, CA (#134), Chicago, IL (#141), Oakland, CA (#144), Detroit, MI (#145), New York, NY (#148), San Francisco, CA (#149), and Washington, DC (#15o) are ranked among the worst — all governed by Democrats.

In fact, 18 of the 20 worst managed cities have Democrat mayors. The two exceptions are #146 Gulfport, TN (Republican mayor Billy Hewes) and #147 Chattanooga, TN (Independent mayor Tim Kelly).

But that fact won’t deter the voters of those cities to reelect Democrats, which is a sure indicator of their mental illness.

Here’s the list of the 150 cities, ranked from best (#1) to worst (#150):

Overall Rank (1=Best)  City ‘Quality of City Services’ Rank  ‘Total Budget per Capita’ Rank 
1 Nampa, ID 23 1
2 Boise, ID 4 3
3 Fort Wayne, IN 63 2
4 Nashua, NH 5 9
5 Lexington-Fayette, KY 44 6
6 Lincoln, NE 8 19
7 Durham, NC 25 11
8 Rapid City, SD 81 4
9 Las Cruces, NM 65 5
10 Virginia Beach, VA 2 36
11 Raleigh, NC 11 29
12 Missoula, MT 67 12
13 Oklahoma City, OK 88 8
14 Manchester, NH 29 20
15 Provo, UT 3 38
16 Sioux Falls, SD 31 21
17 Billings, MT 86 13
18 Madison, WI 6 42
19 Chesapeake, VA 17 34
20 Huntington Beach, CA 1 55
21 Louisville, KY 80 17
22 Greensboro, NC 57 23
23 Arlington, TX 28 31
24 Salem, OR 54 26
25 Mesa, AZ 58 25
26 Bismarck, ND 12 48
27 Charleston, SC 15 44
28 Columbus, GA 95 16
29 Cedar Rapids, IA 34 39
30 Warwick, RI 26 43
31 Albuquerque, NM 127 10
32 Tucson, AZ 111 14
33 Warren, MI 74 28
34 Huntington, WV 114 15
35 Aurora, IL 51 37
36 Phoenix, AZ 65 35
37 Grand Rapids, MI 33 47
38 Lewiston, ME 85 30
39 Tulsa, OK 110 22
40 Topeka, KS 76 40
41 Reno, NV 43 49
42 Worcester, MA 48 52
43 St. Petersburg, FL 42 54
44 Mobile, AL 96 32
45 Fort Worth, TX 56 53
46 El Paso, TX 64 50
47 Wichita, KS 124 24
48 Portland, ME 21 69
49 Corpus Christi, TX 99 41
50 Colorado Springs, CO 78 51
51 Baton Rouge, LA 129 27
52 Las Vegas, NV 49 61
53 Aurora, CO 79 56
54 Gary, IN 141 18
55 Fairbanks, AK 102 45
56 Des Moines, IA 53 62
57 Eugene, OR 38 71
58 Fort Smith, AR 123 33
59 Rutland, VT 59 67
60 Fargo, ND 35 79
61 Spokane, WA 60 68
62 San Diego, CA 7 97
63 Santa Ana, CA 39 81
64 Jackson, MS 148 7
65 Omaha, NE 27 86
66 Little Rock, AR 122 46
67 Hialeah, FL 55 78
68 Indianapolis, IN 93 60
69 Portland, OR 19 95
70 Boston, MA 14 100
71 Akron, OH 97 65
72 Montgomery, AL 119 58
73 Garland, TX 52 89
74 Salt Lake City, UT 16 106
75 Anchorage, AK 83 82
76 Tallahassee, FL 73 85
77 Fremont, CA 13 113
78 Houston, TX 100 73
79 Jacksonville, FL 109 70
80 Frederick, MD 22 108
81 Dayton, OH 101 74
82 Austin, TX 10 117
83 Columbia, SC 103 76
84 Dover, DE 120 64
85 Springfield, MA 121 63
86 Miami, FL 50 96
87 Casper, WY 104 80
88 Tampa, FL 40 101
89 Providence, RI 116 72
90 San Antonio, TX 47 103
91 St. Paul, MN 45 104
92 Columbus, OH 82 92
93 New Orleans, LA 136 57
94 San Jose, CA 20 121
95 Dallas, TX 89 93
96 Burlington, VT 32 114
97 Norfolk, VA 107 88
98 Charleston, WV 128 77
99 Bridgeport, CT 117 83
100 Richmond, VA 87 98
101 Kansas City, MO 112 91
102 Anaheim, CA 69 111
103 Cincinnati, OH 72 112
104 Fort Lauderdale, FL 41 120
105 Charlotte, NC 24 126
106 Toledo, OH 142 66
107 Orlando, FL 61 118
108 Bakersfield, CA 130 86
109 Shreveport, LA 147 59
110 Milwaukee, WI 126 90
111 Nashville, TN 105 105
112 Lubbock, TX 118 101
113 Knoxville, TN 46 130
114 Seattle, WA 9 140
115 Minneapolis, MN 37 133
116 Modesto, CA 108 109
117 Stockton, CA 145 75
118 Birmingham, AL 132 94
119 Syracuse, NY 84 123
120 Sacramento, CA 92 122
121 Pittsburgh, PA 68 129
122 Buffalo, NY 91 125
123 Riverside, CA 90 127
124 Atlanta, GA 77 132
125 Wilmington, DE 113 119
126 Fresno, CA 133 107
127 Long Beach, CA 62 139
128 Baltimore, MD 135 110
129 Cheyenne, WY 98 135
130 Denver, CO 71 141
131 Kansas City, KS 138 116
132 St. Louis, MO 149 84
133 Memphis, TN 143 115
134 Los Angeles, CA 75 143
135 New Haven, CT 137 124
136 Yonkers, NY 70 144
137 Philadelphia, PA 134 128
138 Rochester, NY 115 138
139 Tacoma, WA 106 142
140 Hartford, CT 144 131
141 Chicago, IL 140 136
142 Cleveland, OH 139 137
143 Flint, MI 146 134
144 Oakland, CA 94 147
145 Detroit, MI 150 99
146 Gulfport, MS 125 145
147 Chattanooga, TN 131 146
148 New York, NY 36 148
149 San Francisco, CA 18 149
150 Washington, DC 30 150



10 most dangerous states and cities in America

RoadSnacks has issued the 10 Most Dangerous States in America for 2021 — defined as states with the highest number of violent and property crimes per capita, according to FBI’s 2019 Crime Report. The FBI, in turn, derived its crime data from the states.

RoadSnacks‘ methodology:

  • Each state is ranked from 1 to 50 for the two criteria (violent crimes; property crimes), 1 being most dangerous.
  • The two rankings for each state is then averaged into a “Danger Index”.
  • The state with the lowest Danger Index is the most dangerous state in America for 2021.

Here’s the 10 most dangerous states in America, 2021:

  1. New Mexico: 832 violent crimes per 100,000 population; 3,112 property crimes per 100,000 population.
  2. Alaska: 867 violent crimes per 100,000 population; 2,910 property crimes per 100,000 population.
  3. Louisiana: 549 violent crimes per 100,000 population; 3,161 property crimes per 100,000 population.
  4. Arkansas: 584 violent crimes per 100,000 population; 2,858 property crimes per 100,000 population.
  5. South Carolina: 511 violent crimes per 100,000 population; 2,940 property crimes per 100,000 population.
  6. Tennessee: 595 violent crimes per 100,000 population; 2,652 property crimes per 100,000 population.
  7. Alabama: 510 violent crimes per 100,000 population; 2,674 property crimes per 100,000 population.
  8. Oklahoma: 431 violent crimes per 100,000 population; 2,845 property crimes per 100,000 population.
  9. Missouri: 494 violent crimes per 100,000 population; 2,638 property crimes per 100,000 population.
  10. Arizona: 455 violent crimes per 100,000 population; 2,440 property crimes per 100,000 population.

Here’s the complete list of all 50 states:

If your state is among the most dangerous, that doesn’t necessarily mean your city or town is dangerous. It depends on whether your city is among your state’s most dangerous cities. Go here to find out.

Here are America’s 10 most dangerous cities, 2021:

  1. St. Louis, Missouri
  2. Springfield, Missouri
  3. Memphis, Tennessee
  4. Little Rock, Arkansas
  5. Oakland, California
  6. Wichita, Kansas
  7. New Orleans, Louisiana
  8. Chattanooga, Tennessee
  9. North Charleston, South Carolina
  10. Cleveland, Ohio

RoadSnacks has this disclaimer:

This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. Don’t freak out.



Epidemic of fires in Los Angeles homeless encampments

Despite Democrat-controlled cities’ indulgent policy on vagrants and homelessness, their encampments just keep growing.

Not only are the rat-infested encampments a threat to public health, now they’re a threat to public safety as well.

Take Los Angeles for example.

The Los Angeles Times reports on May 12, 2021, that as the number of tents, makeshift shelters and campers on Los Angeles streets has surged, so has the scourge of fire. “In the three years since the Los Angeles Fire Department began classifying them, fires related to homelessness have nearly tripled. In the first quarter of 2021, they occurred at a rate of 24 a day, making up 54% of all fires the department responded to.”

A Times analysis of records shows that fires related to homelessness have doubled in all of the department’s 14 districts since 2018, the first year of complete records. The fires were most prevalent in downtown and South Los Angeles. But the numbers were also elevated in a swath across the north side of the city from Northeast Los Angeles to the east San Fernando Valley.

A fire in 2017 was traced to a cooking fire in a ravine near Sepulveda Boulevard. The blaze spread through Bel-Air, destroying six homes and damaging a dozen others.

Although the epidemic of fires is largely attributable to the built-in conditions for combustion in street camps — cooking stoves and campfires in close proximity to tent fabric and piles of other flammable material — as much as a third of the 15,610 fires related to homelessness in the past 3 ¼ years were classified as arson, i.e., intentionally set fires.

From the LA Times:

Many fires related to homelessness are intentional. Over the three years, such fires classified as arson have steadily comprised about one-third of the total. As fires related to homelessness have increased, though, the raw number of arson fires has more than doubled, to 2,258 last year — about one of every six fires in the city. Arrests are rare — 129 and 174 over the past two years, a clearance rate of about 6%. Though few arsons are solved, limited evidence suggests that the perpetrators are most often other homeless people. Three-fourths of those arrested identified themselves as homeless….

Impossible to quantify is the dread, hostility and loss of faith in government brought on by the surge in fires. Business owners are left wondering if a random blaze will scar or destroy their property.

Preliminary results from a study released by the Fire Department show that such fires have caused $185 million in damage since 2017, 22% of all fire damage in the city. That includes $80 million in damage last year and $12 million in the first quarter of 2021.

Read the rest of the news article here.