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The ‘thank God she lost’ caption contest

This is our 257th world-famous Caption Contest!

Here’s the pic (h/t Grif):

About the pic: Krystal Ball, 40, is a Demonrat “political commentator” who has made guest appearances on networks such as CNN, CNBC and Fox News. She was a television host at MSNBC and a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. In 2010, when she was only 28 years old, she was the Democratic Party nominee for Virginia’s 1st congressional district, losing to Republican incumbent Rob Wittman by 63.9% to 34.8%.

During the campaign, racy photos of Ball were published on the blog Virginia Virtucon. The photos were taken at a 2004 Christmas party, depicting Ball in a bustier, short skirt and a Santa Claus hat, with her husband Jonathan Dariyanani and another woman. The above photo shows Ball staring lewdly at the camera, with a leg up a coffee table as Dariyanani points at her crotch with a cane. Other photos show Ball and the other woman lewdly sticking their tongues at each other, and Ball simulating a sex act on Dariyanani who has a dildo on his nose.

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To get the contest going, here’s my caption:

Ewwww. What’s that smell?

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Joe Biden’s 76 y.o. sister thinks Meghan Markle would make a good POTUS

Valerie Biden Owens, 76

Like her doddering brother, 76-year-old Valerie Biden Owens clearly also has senile dementia.

From Daily Mail, May 10, 2022:

President Joe Biden’s sister has invited Meghan Markle to join the Democratic Party because she will ‘of course’ make a good candidate for the US Presidency. Valerie Biden Owens, 76, said that the Duchess of Sussex would be ‘welcome to come in and join the Democratic Party’, adding that it was key to have more women in politics.

For 10 years, the Biden family have had a close relationship with Prince Harry and reports have claimed that Markle has been networking among senior Democrats with a view of building a campaign and starting a career in politics.

Owens commented: ‘It’s wonderful to have women in politics. The more women we have the better our democratic system will work. We welcome her to come in and join the Democratic Party.’

When asked if she thought the Duchess would make a good potential candidate for President one day, Owens told Good Morning Britain: ‘Yes, perhaps. Of course she will.’

Owens, who released her memoir ‘Growing Up Biden: A Memoir’ last month, also confirmed that Biden would run for President again in 2024 as she defended his gaffes as ‘truths’….

Critics have cited Biden’s cognitive decline as the main reason for the current administration’s backtracking over the president’s other recent verbal blunders….

Owens added: ‘Joe is the right person at the right time for the right job and there are lots of things still to do to carry on the agenda. There’s no daylight between the private person and the public man. The American people know what Joe is about.’ When asked if Biden will run for President in 2024, Owens confirmed: ‘Yes. We’ve got stuff to do. Absolutely.’

Owens was her brother’s campaign manager for all of his Senate campaigns and for his 2008 presidential bid, which he suspended only to be chosen as Democratic nominee Barack Obama’s running mate. She was a senior adviser on the president’s successful 2020 campaign.


Meghan Markle flirts with Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, at US Open, NY, Sept 7, 2019.

Meghan flashes her crotch at Ohanian.


They know Biden is POTUS in name only

Whether it’s because of Biden’s senile dementia or, as some maintain, the Joe Biden we are allowed to see is actually an imposter, Democrat elites clearly do not respect or even regard him as President of the United States of America.

If they did, they wouldn’t ignore him, as shown in this cringe-worthy video of Barack Obama’s visit to the White House on April 5, 2022.

H/t Elizabeth

Whatever the reason for their disregard of Biden, it raises the question: “Who really is in charge of the presidency?”


Bloomberg: Eat lentils and let your pets die of cancer!

From Daily Mail:

“Bloomberg raised eyebrows with an op-ed telling Americans earning less than $300,000 to eat less meat and cut back on chemotherapy for pets to beat spiraling inflation.  

The business news outlet’s tweet that promoted the story also pointed out, ‘nobody said this would be fun,’ with scholar Teresa Ghilarducci’s article offering some very dark advice.  

In the widely-mocked piece, headlined ‘Inflation Stings Most If You Earn Less Than $300k,’ Ghilarducci, a NYC-based labor and retirement expert, suggests switching to vegetables as a way of avoiding inflated meat prices. 

‘Though your palate may not be used to it, tasty meat substitutes include vegetables (where prices are up a little over 4%, or lentils and beans, which are up about 9%),’ she writes. ‘Plan to cut out the middle creature and consume plants directly. It’s a more efficient, healthier and cheaper way to get calories.’

And for new pet owners, Ghilarducci advises ‘to rethink those costly pet medical needs’ by cutting back on cancer treatments for much loved furry-friends

‘It may sound harsh,’ she lectured. ‘But researchers actually don’t recommend pet chemotherapy — which can cost up to $10,000 — for ethical reasons.’

Ghilarducci also tells readers to reconsider public transportation to avoid gas prices, pointing out that public transportation prices are only up 8% compared to 38% for gas.”

This list of how you can lower your standard of living goes on here.

How about switching to policies that avoid America becoming the next Venezuela?


Russian Definition of Free Speech

Russian model Gretta Vedle, 23, murdered for insulting Russian President Vladamir Putin.

Russian  model Gretta Vedler, 23, murdered for insulting  dictator Vladimir Putin.

From the New York Post

Gretta Vedler , a Russian model who called Vladimir Putin a “psychopath,” was found dead in a suitcase a year later after disappearing. Vedler’s disappearance came a month after posted an anti-Putin rant on social media.

“Vedler’s ex-boyfriend Dmitry Korovin, 23, has confessed to strangling her to death before driving her 300 miles to the Lipetsk region and abandoning the body in the trunk of a car,” the Daily Star reported. Korovin said he slept in a hotel room with her body for three nights before placing it in a newly bought suitcase.

Gretta ‘s social  media posts showed that  she was concerned over his crackdown on protests and what she saw as a desire to forge a bigger Russia.

“I can only assume, in my opinion, clear psychopathy or sociopathy is seen in him. For psychopaths, it is important to constantly experience a sense of fullness and sharpness of life, so they love risk, intense experiences, intense communication, intense activity – an intense and dynamic life,” she wrote, according to the Daily Mirror.

‘Given the fact that Putin went through a lot of humiliation in childhood, he could not stand up for himself due to his [slight] physical form, it is not surprising that he left after law school and joined the KGB,’ she wrote.

‘Such people are timid and fearful from childhood, afraid of noise and darkness, strangers, so traits such as caution, restraint, and lack of communication are developed early in their character.

She told her followers: ‘For psychopaths, it is important to constantly experience a sense of fullness and sharpness of life, so they love risk, intense experiences, intense communication, intense activity – an intense and dynamic life. Maybe he really wants to enhance the integrity of Russia and sincerely wishes the good for the Russians. But can he really do anything?’

She made clear she had grave doubts. ‘I think you know the answer to this question yourself,’ she posted.

Korovin told investigators that  he kept posting pictures and messages on the model’s social media in an attempt  to make friends believe she was still alive. He told interrogators that he slept in a hotel room for three nights with her corpse which he put in a newly-bought suitcase.

But a  male friend called Evgeniy Foster – a blogger in Kharkiv, the Ukrainian city blitzed by Russian forces – became suspicious and found a friend in Moscow to file a missing person case. This triggered  a search which eventually located her body. A video from Russia’s Investigative Committee shows Korovin allegedly demonstrating how he killed the model, and making a full confession.

~ Grif

P.S. Anyone who thinks this is just a coincidence, raise your hand.


Me neither.

Connecting the dots between Russiagate and Hillary

On August 24, 2021, Bill and Hillary Clinton were seen glumly strolling on a beach in the Hamptons. (Daily Mail)

Good article by Peter Van Buren, who served in the State Department’s Foreign Service for 24 years, in today’s edition of Spectator World (bold and red color emphasis supplied). Highly recommend!

Let’s connect the dots between John Durham, Russiagate, the FBI, and Hillary Clinton. They strongly suggest the Clinton campaign ran a sophisticated, multi-prong coordinated intelligence operation against Trump with either the active or tacit support of the FBI.

In the case of prong one, the dossier, the Clinton campaign hired MI6 intelligence officer Christopher Steele. The hiring was through its law firm, Perkins Coie, which hired Fusion GPS, which hired Steele to hide the funding source. The use of the law firm as a cutout allowed Hillary to deny that she’d funded the dossier, and the media to claim for a year or more that it was actually the Republicans themselves who paid for it. This also set up the distracting he said/she said cover that Clinton would use throughout the operation.

Once they had hired Steele, the Clinton campaign itself fed lies to Steele. Steele used credibility to hide the non-credibility of his pushed sources. They were taken seriously only because Steele was taken seriously, albeit only because he was paid by Clinton to do so. You could not achieve much putting a thug like Igor Danchenko on CNN. This is known as embellishing your sources.

Here are some of Steele’s sources and connections. See if they connect any dots: one of Steele’s key sources is Igor Danchenko, now indicted by Durham. Steele was introduced to Danchenko by Fiona Hill. Hill would go on to play a key role driving the Ukraine-related impeachment of Donald Trump.

When Danchenko did not make up stuff himself, he was spoon-fed lies by Charles Dolan, a long-time Clinton hack (it was Fiona Hill who introduced Dolan to Danchenko). Dolan had close ties not only to the Clintons but to the Russians as well; he did PR work for the Russian government and was registered as a foreign agent for Russia.

Dolan also fed bogus info to Olga Galkina, another Russian who fed info to Danchenko for inclusion in the dossier. Galkina expected Dolan to get her a job in the Hillary administration.

Steele then took his dossier down two tracks. He used his role as a former FBI informant to push the info deep into the Bureau to help trigger the Crossfire Hurricane investigation which would ultimately feed the Mueller Report. When cracks in Steele’s dossier appeared early on, they were taken care of.

For example, one of the Trump staffers Steele accused of being a Russian agent, Carter Page, was actually a CIA agent. Yet when the FBI sought a FISA warrant, the Bureau deleted his association with CIA from the application. Special Counsel Robert Durham prosecuted the man who did that, Kevin Clinesmith, who was found guilty, albeit years after the warrant was issued.

Steele was worth his weight in gold to Clinton: he got the FBI to launch a full-spectrum investigation that included eavesdropping, use of a honey pot dangle, and foreign agents, all of which led to three years of Mueller.

Steele’s second track was the media. Steele set himself up as a source to compliant press outlets about the dossier without revealing to them that he was the author of the dossier. This information loop made it appear that a second entity was confirming the contents of the dossier, when in fact it was Steele surreptitiously confirming himself.

It’s an old spy trick, becoming your own corroborating source. In intelligence work, for the receiver of information, this is known as cross-contamination, an amateur error the FBI seemed okay with. The scam also generated cover for all the politicians and intelligence operatives. They could go to their bosses and say the New York Times had found a source that confirms what they’d been hearing from Steele.

Every element of the dossier job is present in prong two of the broader operation, Clinton’s electronic spying on Trump. As with the dossier, it begins with the statement that Trump is connected to Russia and the job is to create something plausible enough to “confirm” that connection. A cutout was again used to fund things, in this case Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann and again the firm Perkins Coie.

Sussmann, with the lure of a big job in the Hillary administration, recruited Rodney Jaffe, a tech guy whose company Neustar obtained a contract with the Obama administration to provide DNS servers to the White House. That got the whole op inside the Executive Office. Joffe also had connections deep into the DNS research community, and used them to gain access to DNS data from Trump Tower and other properties (see what you can do with DNS data).

Though the DNS data results were no more credible than the dossier, Sussmann follows Steele’s playbook. Sussmann first takes his story, as an anonymous source, to the New York Times in late August 2016. He then goes to the FBI and CIA on September 16, 2016, misrepresents himself as not working for the Clinton campaign (he is currently under Durham indictment for that) and pitches them the same story that Trump and the Russian Alfa Bank have set up some sort of backdoor communications. Sussmann later adds another unproven tale, that Russian smartphones were connecting regularly with the White House.

The Alfa story then made the press in October 2016 when Slate wrote that an anonymous “benevolent posse of computer scientists spurred by a sense of shared idealism” had discovered data showing secret communications between Trump and Alfa. Even after the FBI had largely abandoned the investigation as fruitless, in October 2018, the New Yorker revived it, attributing the story to anonymous “self-appointed guardians of the Internet.”

The source for the latter article was Joffe, who did not disclose that he was working with Sussmann, who was working with Fusion GPS, who was working for Clinton. That no Alfa connection was ever found is irrelevant; the story that Trump was running with the Russians was headlines for months. Despite knowing it was not true as the ultimate source of the false info, Hillary herself pushed it.

There will be more. But what is clear even at this point is that the Clinton campaign used textbook modern espionage techniques to build a wholly false narrative about Trump and the Russians. It deployed this campaign against Trump the candidate and still got beaten. Clinton then kept it alive, in part with the FBI and Crossfire Hurricane as a proxy, even after Trump took office. Was that simple vengeance? Or part of some even more elaborate campaign to somehow end with Hillary in the Oval Office?

We also know the FBI was likely either in on the conspiracy or at best a willful idiot alongside it. Signs that the dossier was garbage appeared early, and even the slightest investigative efforts by the FBI would have revealed how weak Steele’s sources and methods were, and that Steele was being paid by Clinton. Indeed, when the FBI found one crack, that Carter Page was an American CIA agent, they simply covered it up.

The same with Sussmann and his DNS data. It would have been obvious that White House DNS data could have only come from inside the White House, yet there are no signs the FBI questioned how Sussmann, supposedly a private citizen, came to possess it. And was the FBI really unable to determine that Sussmann was paid by Clinton? It is chilling to remember that FBI agents and illicit lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page exchanged texts: “Page: ‘Trump’s not ever going to become president, right?’ Strzok: ‘No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it.’”

“The fact pattern that John Durham is methodically establishing shows what James Comey and Andrew McCabe likely knew from day one, that the Steele dossier was politically-driven nonsense created at the behest of the Clinton campaign,” said Kevin Brock, the FBI’s former intelligence chief. “And yet they knowingly ran with its false information.”

We may now know why Robert Mueller walked so close to the edge of indictment and backed off. If his indictments failed under court scrutiny, the conspiracy would have been exposed. Beyond Clinton and Trump, Mueller was protecting someone in his beloved FBI. This goes deep.

See also “Hillary Clinton, architect of anti-Trump conspiracy, booed by crowd“.


Hillary Clinton, architect of anti-Trump conspiracy, booed by crowd

Two days ago, Hillary Clinton was in New York City to give a speech at the 2022 New York State Democratic Convention.

As she left a downtown hotel, she was booed and heckled by a crowd shouting “Murderer!”.

The booing, no doubt, was in response to DOJ Special Counsel John Durham‘s report that in 2016, Hillary’s (failed) presidential campaign (1) concocted the fictitious story of Donald Trump’s Russian collusion; and (2) spied on Trump — in the Trump Tower and in the White House.

From David Kubal, “Justice at the Gates: The Clinton Campaign,” Intercessors For America, February 19, 2022:

We all remember the impeachment process in 2019 when President Trump was accused of colluding with Russia to influence the outcome of the 2016 election. Though the House voted for impeachment in the democratically-controlled chamber, the articles were never taken up by the republican Senate.

U.S. Attorney General (AG) William Barr appointed a Special Counsel to look into matters that came to surface during the impeachment process….

AG Barr appointed US Attorney John Durham to lead the investigation. Durham and his team filed a motion in court on February 11, 2022 that, if proven to be true, would turn out to be the largest scandal in American history. The filing alleges presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer, Michael Sussman (Partner at Perkins & Coie and former legal counsel for the Democratic National Committee), worked with an unnamed “Tech Executive” (and a number of other parties) to provide a fictitious “white paper” to the FBI creating the false narrative connecting candidate Trump with a Russian bank. The filing also alleges the same parties monitored internet traffic to the Trump Tower, Candidate Trump’s apartment and understand the gravity of these next few wordsthe Executive Office of the President of the United States, shortly after President Trump took office.

The campaign of a presidential candidate was part of misleading the FBI, resulting in impeachment (but not removal) of a sitting U.S. President. In addition, the campaign monitored the private internet traffic of a political opponent and the Office of a United States President.

The Office of the United States President. Let that sink in…

On February 11, 2022, Durham filed a criminal motion in U.S. District Court, District of Columbia, against Michael Sussman. From United States of America v. Michael A. Sussman:

The defendant [Michael Sussman] is charged in a one-count indictment with making a materially false statement to the FBI, in violation of Title 18, United  States Code, Section 1001 (the “Indictment”). As set  forth in the Indictment , on Sept. 19, 2016 – less than  two months before the 2016 U.S. Presidential election – the defendant, a lawyer at a large international  law firm (“Law Firm-1”) that was then serving as counsel to the Clinton Campaign, met with the FBI  General Counsel at FBI Headquarters in  Washington, D.C. The defendant provided the FBI  General Counsel with purported  data and “white  papers ” that allegedly demonstrated a covert  communications channel between the Trump  Organization and a Russia-based bank (“Russian  Bank-1”). The Indictment alleges that the defendant lied in that meeting, falsely stating to the General  Counsel that he was not providing the allegations to  the FBI on behalf of any client. In fact, the defendant  had assembled and conveyed the allegations to the  FBI on behalf of at least two specific clients,  including (i) a technology executive (“Tech Executive- 1”) at a U.S.-based Internet company (“Internet  Company-1”), and (ii) the Clinton Campaign.

Hillary Clinton not only denies complicity, she has the nerve to accuse Durham of engineering a “conspiracy”. The woman has neither shame nor conscience. When, just when, will she be brought to justice?


The Senile-Old-Man Caption Contest

This is our 254th world-famous Caption Contest!

Here’s the video:

About the video: On February 2, 2022, after a speech announcing plans to relaunch the White House’s “Cancer Moonshot” initiative, 79-year-old Joe Biden seemed to lose his way as he left the podium. He wandered in the wrong direction and had to be led off the stage by his wife, Jill. (The Blaze)

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To get the contest going, here’s my caption:

No worries, all you Biden voters. His finger is on the nuclear button!

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As Australia doubles down on tyranny, England & Ireland are ending Covid restrictions

Australia has become a tyrannical state, using Covid as the excuse.

The latest: On January 13, 2022, the government of Western Australia, in the person of Premier Mark McGowan, announced that beginning tomorrow (January 31), the unvaccinated will be locked down, barred from most public settings, and that the rules “will not be removed any time soon.”

Australia has undertaken this downright vicious policy despite the fact that being vaccinated affords little to no protection from the Covid virus of whatever variant, the truth of which is confirmed recently by the positive Covid tests and symptoms of two fully-vaxxed friends of mine. (See my post “Questions raised by fully-vaccinated Colin Powell’s death from COVID-19”.)

Meanwhile, two countries — England and Ireland — are doing the exact opposite. Instead of doubling down on Covid restrictions, they actually are ending the lockdown, effectively declaring an end to the pandemic.

On January 19, 2022, UK Prime Minister announced the end of all Covid measures, including compulsory mask-wearing on public transport and in shops, work-from-home guidance, the need to show a certificate proving vaccination or a recent negative Covid test to enter some venues, the legal requirement on people with coronavirus to self-isolate, and an immediate end to the need for pupils to wear masks at secondary (high) schools. Johnson said: “In the country at large we will continue to suggest the use of face coverings in enclosed or crowded spaces, particularly when you come into contact with people you don’t normally meet, but we will trust the judgment of the British people and no longer criminalise anyone who chooses not to wear one.” (The Guardian)

January 21, 2022, Prime Minister Micheál Martin declared that most Covid restrictions in Ireland would end the next day (Jan. 22), including vaccination certificates or passports, curfews, social distancing, restrictions on private indoor meetings (up to four families), and capacity limits for events and weddings. However, mask-wearing is still required on public transport for those aged 9 and over, in schools for children, and in most indoor public spaces for those aged 13 and over, unless food and drinks are being consumed. Testing and isolation guidance for people with Covid symptoms and positive tests, and their contacts remain the same.

Martin said: “Humans are social beings and we Irish are more social than most. As we look forward to this spring, we need to see each other again. We need to see each other smile. We need to sing again…it is time to be ourselves again.” He said people’s trust in the government is a “precious and powerful,” yet “fragile” thing that requires “confidence that the government will do what is needed in an emergency,” as well as knowing “their government will not impose restrictions on their personal freedoms for any longer than is necessary.” (Epoch Times)

But did you hear or see this earthshaking news in the mainstream media?


Why’s that?


The Maskless-Congresswoman Caption Contest

This is our 253rd world-famous Caption Contest!

Here’s the pic:

About the pic: On Sunday, January 2, 2022, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was spotted partying in a drag bar in Miami, Florida, without a face mask. The pics above show her hugging and kissing Billy Porter (l), a homosexual actor-singer who likes to dress in drag, and another drag queen (r) with an uncanny resemblance to Oprah Winfrey. Less than 3 weeks before, AOC had written a letter to the U.S. House of Representatives claiming that she “continue(s) to be unable to physically attend proceedings in the House Chamber due to the ongoing (COVID) public health emergency”. (Clash Daily)

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This contest will be closed in two weeks, at the end of Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

To get the contest going, here’s my caption:

Democrat. Thy name is “Hypocrite”!

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