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People have lost their minds: Texas woman caught with 13-year-old in trunk of car because he was COVID positive

The hysteria surrounding the Wuhan virus has made some people stark-raving mad. Example:

Quick summary: A woman stuffed her 13-year-old, COVID-positive son into the trunk of her car to drive him to a Wuhan virus test site. Apparently she believed the trunk situaion was warranted in order to avoid being exposed to the virus. She’s now facing child endangerment charges.

The woman, a teacher, has been placed on administrative leave from her school district.

You can’ read all the details here about this story here.

What happened to this woman’s momma bear instincts? You have a sick child and you take care of them, comfort them, and by no means stuff them in the trunk of a car!

Alas, between the never-ending hysteria and hype surrounding this virus, some people just lose all of their common sense and caring instincts. Terrible.



Ever have deer like this in your yard?

This video is from 2015 somewhere in Texas. We get lots of critters here in Oklahoma yet I’ve never experienced something like this!


Such trusting creatures these deer are!

PS: The noise you hear in the background is those dang cicadas we have down here in the South.



God’s amazing paintbrush: Woman captures stunning Texas storm photo

This photo made the rounds on social media on Monday after a storm blew through Texas on Sunday. A gal by the name of Laura Rowe tweeted the following:

She’s now selling prints of this amazing picture. Here’s how she was in the right place at the right time to capture this image, via her Smugmug page:

“Hey y’all! I was out for a Sunday drive with my boyfriend. Small town, nothing else to do. We were over in Muleshoe checking out the salt lakes in the Muleshoe National Wildlife Refugee when we saw a small tornado touchdown close to Earth, Texas.

We looked at each other and knew we had to check out this crazy storm. We followed it for about three hours down county dirt roads until we set up in the spot where I took this shot that has now gone viral. 

I knew that God’s creation was beautiful to witness, but I had no idea that it would explode like this on social media. I was just a girl with an iPhone and nothing else to do on a Sunday afternoon, in the right place at the right time.

Thanks for checking me out, and I hope you enjoy your purchases! As a broke college kid, everything goes a long way!”

If you desire a print, order one here.