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So…I quit my job over a mask directive

It’s been almost a year since we’ve had a mask mandate in our town and over a  year since many people just didn’t bother wearing them into stores, etc.

After Christmas we had a small spike in the number of Wuhan virus cases due to Omnicron. I look at the daily active case numbers and after Christmas they were under 5% of our total state population. Now over a month later the active cases are below 2% of our total population.

At my work facility, there was 7 people (out of under 15) who were diagnosed with the Wuhan virus during/after Christmas. Those infected started coming back to work in January and they were directed (as per our employer’s Covid workplace directive) to wear a mask for five days. The director of our facility issued a new directive (as they are empowered to do so) four days after many of the previously infected started returning: Wear a mask when 1) In a public area, 2) speaking with the public and 3) having close contact with a co-worker.

The day after I received verbal notification of this new “mask directive,” I saw several of the facility’s employees not wearing their masks when in a public area. I also saw the director of the facility (who issued this new mask directive) speaking at a table with a fellow employee (who had just returned from having the Wuhan virus) and neither of the were wearing a mask.

Of course, I was wearing mask my mask as per the director’s new directive.

I stated to my boss that I would appreciate it if there was some consistency in the enforcement of this new mask directive. Especially with the one issuing the directive. That director could at least follow their own rules. My boss told me to speak to the director about my concerns. I said I would on Monday as this transpired on the late Friday afternoon.

On Monday, I sure did get a surprise after my complaint on Friday afternoon!

Before I could report my concerns to the facility director, my boss tells me they spoke to the director who informed them that my boss has the authority to issue their own mask directive!

My boss proceeds to tell me that they can’t afford to be out sick for 5 to 10 days and since I cannot do their job, I need to wear a mask to protect my boss. My boss has to walk through my office to leave our area so I can’t expose the boss to the virus.

Here’s the kicker my boss told me: I should not concern myself with what others are doing/not doing regarding masks. They are adults and can make their own choices. Employees will face the consequences during their next performance review. My boss told me I need to “CYA” and wear my mask.

My boss also told me that the director and employee whom I caught sitting together maskless had to have a conversation and didn’t have time to grab their masks.

How’s that for science?

The following Monday I gave my two weeks’ notice. I’ve been wearing my mask every day since then as no one has verbally communicated to me that the directive has been rescinded. Others have not been consistently wearing their masks, including my boss.

Friday is my last day and I have my exit interview with HR tomorrow. My job is only part time and I’m quite comfortable with my decision. I’m done playing the mask game.


People have lost their minds: Texas woman caught with 13-year-old in trunk of car because he was COVID positive

The hysteria surrounding the Wuhan virus has made some people stark-raving mad. Example:

Quick summary: A woman stuffed her 13-year-old, COVID-positive son into the trunk of her car to drive him to a Wuhan virus test site. Apparently she believed the trunk situaion was warranted in order to avoid being exposed to the virus. She’s now facing child endangerment charges.

The woman, a teacher, has been placed on administrative leave from her school district.

You can’ read all the details here about this story here.

What happened to this woman’s momma bear instincts? You have a sick child and you take care of them, comfort them, and by no means stuff them in the trunk of a car!

Alas, between the never-ending hysteria and hype surrounding this virus, some people just lose all of their common sense and caring instincts. Terrible.