Springfield SA-35: Any one got their hands on one yet?

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I’m curious if any of our readers has gotten their hands on a Springfield SA-35 yet. We can’t find any for sale in our part of Oklahoma. We’re on a waitlist to purchase at this point.

Here’s a brief summary of the features of this firearm:

The Browning Hi-Power is one of my all-time favorite firearms so I’m very excited to try this Springfield version. This Sprinfield SA-35 has some great upgrades to the P-35 design: No magazine disconnect, beveled the magazine well, better thumb safety, standard 15-round mag capacity, and a new grip, among other features. And bonus: it’s made in the USA!

Outdoor Life has a good review of the SA-35 here.


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Brian Heinz
Brian Heinz
2 years ago

Would love to shoot it. I have shot many a Hi Power, they are nice. Because of current affairs I have spent most of the time getting the old stuff up to snuff. The WW2 stuff is great for reaching out and touching stuff that most modern stuff don’t reach unless your a crack shot. The old M1’s and German Mauser the first click on the sights is zeroed in at 100 yds and if your good a mile and a half shot would be easy.

Wish you were closer I would drive to shoot one they really look good. I know how Hi Power performance on trigger pull and accurate they are.