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Priorities for Seattle bureaucrats, a failed city (Part 2)

A typical freeway sighting in Seattle.

Demorat-run Seattle is a failed city. Massive homelessness, crime, tagging and a fentanyl crisis (among other issues).  Yet residents repeatedly elect ineffective demorats, some how expecting a different outcome.

Yet nothing, absolutely nothing will change.

Proof of the insanity of demorats in Seattle, via the latest headlines:

Seattle Police recruitment falls short as response times increase.”

From the article:

“Since 2020, the department has lost 515 officers and hired 190. Many have retired, but others said in exit interviews they did not feel supported by the city during the “defund the police” movement following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Due to officers being spread thin, police call response times have increased, with the highest priority calls taking an average of 10 minutes to get a response. “

Gun violence rising on Washington State highways.

I know this expands outside of Seattle yet again, demorats are in charge of that state. The demorat governor has passed multiple gun control laws which have had absolutely ZERO impact on crime. And Seattle’s gun crime is on the rise as well. From the article:

“Washington State Patrol (WSP) reports 396 separate incidents of gun fire on highways that state troopers patrol so far this year. Gun violence has increased from 459 shootings in 2018 to 1,058 in 2022.

So what is the Seattle City Council doing to address the crime, drugs, homelessness and the fentanyl crisis? Take a look:

Seattle City Council passes stronger tree protection ordinance.

“The Seattle City Council has passed a new Tree Protection Ordinance. The ordinance aims to preserve and expand Seattle’s urban canopy while allowing for new construction. “After half a decade of work, we have finally passed tree protections that will preserve, protect, and expand our urban tree canopy,”

This legislation takes a One Seattle approach to balance prioritizing tree canopy while also allowing for the development of needed housing – crucial for progress on climate goals, homelessness efforts, and housing affordability.”

Seattle people never learn…


Washington, D.C., failed city

This is the third in our series of posts on failed cities — all “blue” cities run by Democrats. See “San Francisco, failed city” and “Seattle, failed city“.

Steven Edginton writes for The (UK) Telegraph, May 10, 2023:

When thinking of Washington DC, grand monuments and museums might come to mind, however, in recent years, America’s capital has become more renowned for its growing homeless population and rising crime.

“Crime here has exploded, people do not feel safe,” Isaac Smith, an Emergency Medical Technician in DC, told The Telegraph for a documentary film about the capital.

“I have a bullet hole through my living room,” Mr Smith continued.

“I hear gunshots frequently and I live right next to an elementary school. There’s a bullet hole in one of the [school’s] windows.”

Violent crime in DC has risen by 10 per cent since 2022, which includes a 15 per cent increase in homicides.

Mr Smith blames the Democrats, who have dominated the city’s local politics for decades, for the rise in violence….

Washington DC has also experienced a 12 per cent increase in homelessness in the last year.

Homeless encampments have appeared across the city, including at some of DC’s most famous landmarks such as Union Station and near the Washington Monument.

The rise in homelessness and crime has led some to leave the city.

Boris Ryvkin, a former resident of DC and a Republican advisor, says he moved due to poor local government services.

“I left DC because of taxes, crime, terrible public services and just terrible government,” Mr Ryvkin told this newspaper.

“The city council and the mayor have completely failed and I joined the exodus of hundreds of thousands of people literally just across the river to Virginia and Maryland,” he continued….

“What’s happening in Washington DC and in other American cities in terms of homelessness is basically the same thing that’s happened in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Vancouver, other progressive West Coast cities,” Michael Shellenberger, an independent journalist who has written about San Francisco’s recent drug epidemic, told The Telegraph.

He continued: “You have very progressive members of the city councils, of the governing bodies of those cities, that have decided that certain laws should not be enforced against people deemed to be victims.”

“So you’ve seen city council members in Washington DC have demanded that people be allowed to camp illegally on the sidewalks, [and] not be required to come inside to shelters.”

“That’s even though we know that you’re three times more likely to die as a homeless person if you’re living outside, unsheltered, than if you’re inside.”

“So when you see this increase of tents around places like the train station, around subway stops, it’s almost always because there’s some political momentum behind not enforcing basic laws.”


Bald eagle who was ‘hatching’ a rock becomes step-dad

This is such a touching story about fatherhood.

Murphy, a male bald eagle who was living alone in the World Bird Sanctuary, Valley Park, Missouri, was so eager to be a dad that he tried to “hatch” a rock.

His dream came true when the Sanctuary replaced the rock with a rescue eaglet.

Murphy puts humans to shame, especially men who “sow their wild oats,” abandon the babies they sired, or are cold or abusive fathers.


Husky brought into animal shelter escapes crate; chaos ensues!

A Husky named “Titan” was brought into the Colbert County Animal Shelter last Wednesday night. He managed to escape his crate (and freed two other pups!) and went on a shredding spree causing $2,000 worth of damages.

From The Daily Mail:

The dogs then went on a destructive rampage tearing furniture apart, ripping blinds down from the windows and destroying the office computer.

CCTV footage shows Titan climbing on the desk and wandering freely – apparently admiring the destruction he caused.

Stunned Charles shared the CCTV on social media when a husky-loving family reached out in the hope of adopting Titan – taking him home less than 24 hours after he arrived at the shelter.

He’d let two of his buddies out too and they threw a party in the back as well but it wasn’t as bad back there. I don’t know how he did it.

‘Sometimes they open the crate but never the lobby door.’

Charles launched a fundraiser to cover the costs of replacing the computer equipment that Titan and his pals destroyed.”

Read the whole story here.

I hope Titan’s new owner is ready for some chaos in their life!


Monday animal funnies!


“Progressive” Seattle Wins an Award!

Considering the state of Seattle, I’d say this award is well-deserved and appropriate!

Seattle: Dog Poop Capital of the US!


“A recent study revealed the city of Seattle is the worst city in the United States for not cleaning up after their pooch.

The Dog Advisory Council analyzed Twitter data to find the cities where people complained the most about bad dog owners. Seattle averaged 58.3 complaints per 100,000 people.

The rest of the top five were San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and Denver.

They searched for complaints of people letting their dogs off leashes in public, barking dogs, and, of course, not picking up after their dogs.

The report also revealed that Tucson, Arizona, was the home of the most considerate dog owners.

The worst-behaved dog owners in the country live in Pittsburgh, with Seattle coming in third, just behind Newark, New Jersey.”


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