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Firemen rescue a big elk from frozen pond

This will put a smile on your face. Kudos to these rescuers!


Meet Poppy the Prairie Dog!

I’ve never heard of anyone having a prairie dog as a pet. This one was rescued and is too domesticated to be released into the wild.

Cute thing!


Friday Animals ❤️

Below is a video of woodland animals seen through the creative lens of Julian Rad, an award-winning wildlife photographer based in Central Europe.

It’s quite amazing the animals allow Rad to get so close.

I suggest you mute the sound or lower the volume.


Meet Maverick, Winner of American Hero Dog Award

Maverick is a European Blue Great Dane who currently works for the USO. Maverick supports service members, escorts children to military funerals for their parents, and helps men and women cope with trauma, according to American Humane.

See more pictures of Maverick in action here.

Such a good boy!


Donkey Loses The Love Of His Life — Then Finds Someone Special

Grab a tissue!


Crane Introduces His Babies To His Human Best Friend Every Year

This is very cool!


Be sure to lock your windows!

A woman in Connecticut found out what happens when you leave a window unlocked: A black bear may come in to steal your lasagna!

Hope the guy enjoyed the Italian pasta!

Read about the whole story here.


Monday Animals ❤️

 This mouse is really smart! ↓↓↓


Hunting dog rescued after being trapped in cave with bear for three days

Luvs a happy ending!

You can read more about Charlie’s adventure here.


Saturday animal funnies

Cat rules!