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Meet Archie the piglet!

A cute video of a cute piglet to start off your week (and take a break from the political madness)!


Step outside to witness new life and relief

The world today can just be too crazy. With the US economy and politics, “wokeness” shoved down your throat in every issue, tensions in the Middle East and with Russia, and reading the news — it can just about drive you crazy.

How do I escape from it all? I enjoy reading and cooking. I also step outside to my backyard and enjoy nature.

For the second year in a row, we had two Goldfinch (I believe that is the species) nest in a backyard tree and have witnessed the birth of their babies. This could be the same pair from last year as they tend to be monogamous.

On Saturday the mama was sitting on our fence and we approached it as I thought it had a claw stuck in the wire around one of the posts. It managed to flutter a bit as we got closer and moved just a bit down the fence line. But I knew it was not okay. Then the Goldfinch ended up on the ground. We figured it must have flown into something and was “stunned” for a bit. We left a plate of water nearby, retreated, and prayed that the bird would recover.

And recover she did!

On Monday I saw two babies pop their heads up from the nest and in the afternoon they had managed to leave the nest for a nearby branch. From a good distance I was able to capture some photos:

Mama Goldfinch on the right, two babies to the left.

Closeup of the babies.

Both parents have been very protective of the babies, chirping whenever we (or our cats) get too close to the nest. The parents have even been “dive bombing” our cats on the back patio. Once I noticed this I’d go outside with the cats to deter the birds from coming too close to a cat and avoid being caught by one of them.

Baby Goldfinch, day two out of the nest.

As of today, the babies are still staying close to the nest. From what I’ve read, they’ll be around for another week or so before the family moves on.

It’s been a great distraction from the craziness in our world to be able to step out into the backyard and watch the new bird life. A much-needed and stress-relieving break!


Dog runs four miles to get help for owner who crashed into a ravine

Good boy, Blue!

You can read all the details about the rescue here.


Tuesday animals

Cutest kitten in the world!


“You didn’t do anything wrong. You’re just too big for the kitchen.”

Well, this isn’t something you see very often!

Looks like Albert is fitting in quite well with the goats!

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Scooby is quite the character!

What a funny guy!


Embrace the groundhogs!

Chunk and his family are so cute!


Dog missing from California found 2,000 miles away in Detroit

Luvs a happy ending!

h/t Breitbart


Crow named Russell bonds with young boy & his family

Amazing to watch an animal choose to befriend certain people!


Saturday animal funnies!

Cat reacts to self image in mirror

Deer brings entire family into store for treats