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Whale watchers witness baby calf birth

How amazing would it be to see something like this?

Read the full story about this whale watching adventure here.


Woman pushes bear off fence to protect her doggies

This is incredible. Yet not surprising.

“Momma Bears” of all species will do anything to protect their babies.

Watch as a woman in California pushes a brown bear (who has cubs with her) off her fence to save her pups:

More details about this incident from Fox News:

“In the video, a bear can be seen climbing over a fence into the house’s garden. Several cubs also appear to be with the larger animal, suggesting that it’s a mother bear. Multiple dogs appear and start barking at the bear. One of the larger dogs runs up to the bear and is struck in the face several times by the larger animal. 

According to a comment by Brenda, the dog was fine although it did suffer from some scratches.

Then, Hailey comes running into the frame and pushes the bear off the fence. While the bear quickly climbed back onto the fence, this gave Hailey enough time to gather the dogs and get them out of the area.

In a later video, Hailey explains that she lives in the mountains and since it is summer, bears aren’t an uncommon sight. According to Hailey, she suffered a sprained finger from the encounter.”

Great job Hailey!