Illegal alien indicted on rape released on $500 bail

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This is America under demorat rule…

(story starts at :20 mark)

Story from MSN:

Cory Alvarez, an illegal from Haiti, is accused (and now indicted) of raping a disabled 15-year-old at a Massachusetts shelter. He’s been released on bail — despite a request from federal immigration officials to keep him in jail.

The perp was arrested in March and held without bail until he was freed on a $500 bail last week after the Plymouth County Superior Court ignored a request from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to keep the suspect in custody.

The Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office requested that Alvarez be held on $10,000 cash bail with numerous conditions of release. The judge set bail at $500.

The good judge released the perp with an ankle monitor, but ICE officials can’t track him because Boston is a sanctuary city — meaning local authorities don’t have to cooperate with the feds.

The suspect was also ordered to remain in home confinement, surrender his passport and check in twice monthly with probation, according to legal filings obtained by the Globe. He is due back in court on Aug. 13.

Federal immigration authorities said in March that they had filed an immigration detainer against Alvarez with the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office. However, a spokesperson for the enforcement and removal operations division of ICE told the Globe that Plymouth Superior Court officials “refused to honor” its detainer.

The perp came to the US in June 2023 under President Biden’s parole program for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans (CHNV).

Read all the details here.

The illegal alien is being housed at this Comfort Inn in Rockland which was turned into an immigrant shelter, courtesy of taxpayers:

Think the perp will give up this great living condition and show up for his August 13 court date?

Maybe he will. Illegal aliens/criminals seem to have better odds under our current legal system than law-abiding citizens.


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16 days ago

Biden’s America. Biden’s “justice”.

Kelleigh Nelson
Kelleigh Nelson
16 days ago

It is apparent that the govt. officials, including judges are willing to allow criminal elements back on the street to do more damage to innocent victims. Justice would be this happening to them.

Gracie Storvika
Gracie Storvika
16 days ago

It is beyond disheartening to read of yet another criminal act being perpetrated upon a United States citizen by an illegal alien. For starters, this judge needs to be removed from the bench, and be replaced by someone who would side with keeping our citizens safe. Secondly, the man who perpetrated this heinous act needs to be “disarmed,” so that he can never again do that to some other child. I am way past the point where I am willing to shed the milk of human kindness on animals such as this. Thirdly, Joseph Robinette Biden needs to be indited as a co-conspirator in this act, and all the others which have been perpetrated on the people of our land.

15 days ago

And a rude reminder of the fools running the state of Massachusetts.

12 days ago

“The good judge released the perp with an ankle monitor….” Hello? Anyone out there? Signs of intelligent life please!!!! I’m waiting: The illegal perp who raped/killed the little girl in Texas was on an ANKLE MONITOR already from our legal system. We’re not dealing w/people who grew up in any semblance of human dignity, conformity to law, ethics, or morality…There’s no fear of laws of ANY country…or most of them would NOT be trying to come illegally to escape the crimes/consequences in the country from which they are fleeing. The FIRST thing they did, above all, to enter this country was to break our laws.

I just can’t wrap my head around that the whining Demorats keep chanting that our immigration laws are “broken.” Well, tell me how. Tell me what needs to be done to fix the broken parts. Then, tell me why, if they are “broken” you think meanwhile, NO laws exist & no one need enforce them if they do exist, not even the Executive branch of our elected government (pledged to enforcing laws set forth by the House & Senate). Laws can be ignored even if the dictate of Executive job is sworn to uphold them by the Constitution and by oath. (???)

To wit then–Our president insures and promotes: Every illegal that votes, steals a vote from a US citizen. Every illegal that “works under the table” steals a job from a US citizen & pays no taxes–unless maybe they’ve stolen others’ credentials. Every illegal that arrives with a school-aged child, and/or who receives health care, housing, food, & anything else, is taking it out of the mouths of US citizens before they can even PROVE that they can contribute anything back in a LIFETIME of living here–this without the input of the American tax-payer/voter. Every crime or “accidental” death caused by an illegal exacts a lifetime of pain, sorrow, grief, & unending costs to families & communities all over our country.

Like so many others, I share that I descend from our earliest founders (in VA, DE, MD,PA)…but have a Great-grandfather who immigrated in 1906 to PA. He had to prove that he was healthy, had no criminal past, had no allegiance to a former king, that his subsequent children were all born here, & he was self-supporting, NOT receiving assistance or welfare from the US tax-payer. He also had to have a sponsor who pledged that, if at any time, my great-grandfather became a burden to the state, the employer would pay for it, not the state. I’d say this pretty much “vetted” my great-grandfather into this country as a productive, law-abiding, tax-paying, legal citizen-to-be, upon his earliest days. He married a 2nd-generation born in America & a strict rule in their home was that ONLY ENGLISH was spoken, so their children could excel in the public schools of their state. I am so proud of what they did to give me the life I have today and that I could, in turn, pass it to my children (my husband, too, experienced some of the same, as his mother grew up out of this country, to arrive after WWII, while his father’s side descended from earliest colonials in NC, VA).

Immigration is GREAT…if done through legal channels. If legal channels need to be streamlined to eliminate old, archaic practices, then so be it, but in the meantime, the LAW must be followed and changed subsequent to perceived need in our congress, where all laws must arise, according to our Constitution. This hand must not be “forced” as it is being done today by the wildly Constitutionally-blind (if not illegal) executive branch of our government.