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Monday Animals ❤️

 This mouse is really smart! ↓↓↓


Saturday animal funnies

Cat rules!


Monday Night Animals ❤️

A kitten imitates human petting the dog


A cat asks for food from a restaurant diner


A squirrel asks for water


And this will break and melt your heart —

A tiny kitten begs to be adopted


Saturday Animals ❤️


Little poodle brings his own dish to the dining table 🙂


While this cat brings her toy-buddy to dinner!


Impressive Creatures

Stunning close-up of a leopard


. . . and of a puma


Now watch this dog escape from its cage!


Friday Animals ❤️


Wednesday animal funnies!


Tuesday amazing animals

A de-stressor to start your Tuesday:

The video below is truly astonishing — a bird recycles a plastic bottle, putting many humans to shame.

From its appearance, the bird appears to be a white-collared blackbird, a species of bird in the Turdidae or thrush family.


Friday night animal funnies!

I suggest you mute the mic on the video below 🙂


Tuesday animal funnies!