Retired NYC fireman puts out fire on Spirit Airlines flight

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Another hero saves the day!

Retired fireman Rocco Chierichella

Some idiot left their vapor smoking device in their carry-on, attached to a battery so it could charge. Good grief!

Retired NYC fireman Rocco Chierichella sprung into action to extinguish the fire. Good man to have on your next flight!

Watch the story in the video below or read the details here.


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17 days ago

Another hero saved the day and possibly many lives.

Brian Heinz
Brian Heinz
16 days ago

Good to see people are still willing to step up and put themselves in harms way for others. Guarding Angels in human form.

14 days ago

Wow! Thanks for this article, DCG.

13 days ago

Bravo! OMG….I’m already afraid to fly w/new Bidencall for “equity” hiring of air traffic controllers/ others in this industry. I am a middle school teacher & have nightmares already about my class clown/grifter being my “equity” surgeon for my laser eye surgery or my gall bladder removal as I age. Dah! Unfortunately, I think I’m the only one who comments on this site who is a middle school (or other) teacher. I am the “canary” in the mine, believe me. I can tell you about the next generation of Americans….at least in the Left Coast voting state…..with which the East Coast voting state, will constantly dominate your future, no matter the rest of us in between,, or whom have other leanings.

BTW….I took away TWO cannabis vapor inhalers fr students ..used DURING CLASS recent weeks…(one day expulsion from MY CLASS ONLY)..I’m just waiting/on call for someone to have sex or other sensual pleasure during class time. I have 2 years to retirement, if I can make it…From my start to my finish career timeline has been almost unbelievable in the transition our “children” have made as students in those years. The degradation of our society, the surrender of “parenting” to the government, and the lowered expectations all around are STUNNING in their result in both behavior and academics. I just want to be dead before our country has to defend itself with these kids…I want to be dead before this once great country capitulates to the most evil forces (like China, Russia, N. Korea, etc….)…..