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Seattle, failed city

I recently returned from a trip to Seattle – my first since 2019 due to their strict Wuhan virus restrictions implemented in 2020.

What I saw was just so depressing. A demorat-run city that is in ruins. Recent pictures I had seen on social media of the homelessness that runs rampant in Seattle:

I saw homeless camps along the freeway that I had never seen before when I previously lived there for decades.

Driving along the I-5 through Seattle was just ugly. So much “tagging” (graffiti) on the concrete walls and traffic signs. A friend told me that much of the tagging has been cleaned up since the 2020 riots. He also told me that the Seattle Police to this day will not stop anyone from tagging. An example of what the tagging looked like in 2020. It’s better today yet was still all along the I-5 corridor.

Along with the endless homelessness situation, crime, tagging and fentanyl crisis in demorat-run Seattle, residents in a certain zip code must now pick up their mail due to vandalism and theft.

From MyNorthwest.com:

“Some south Seattle residents are claiming a significant ‘mail fail’ is occurring as the United States Postal Service (USPS) has halted mail delivery due to a rise in recent vandalism and theft.

A sign at a nearby U.S. Postal Service office in Columbia City is telling residents in the “98118” zip code to pick up their mail in person at an annex office, located at 5920 Martin Luther King Jr Way South. The zip code covers around 49,000 people — but it’s unclear how many of them are not getting their mail delivered.

A visit to that annex office Thursday afternoon revealed a line of more than a dozen people waiting for their mail. A single employee was seen helping them.

One woman named Jenny told KIRO Newsradio that she had no official communication with USPS, but that her local postal carrier told her, “this was going to take a long while to fix and we had to come [to the annex office] to get our mail.”

Seward Park resident Barbara Myers said her postal carrier told her the issue was caused by a recent theft. “They haven’t been delivering mail for four days because a master key that operates all the boxes in Seward Park has been stolen,” Myers said.

When questioned about any thefts of mailbox master keys in that area, USPS Inspection Service spokesperson John Wiegand said there are active investigations, but declined to provide details.

Property crime has been on the rise in the Seattle area, in the Northwest, and kind of across the country — and mail theft is unfortunately one of those areas that have been targeted significantly with that uptick in crime,” Wiegand said.”

Read the whole story here.

Ain’t demorat-run Seattle grand!