Crime in Washington State: Store owner fends off robber with machete

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How’s things going in democrat-run Washington State? Here’s a sample:

Fortunately a Tacoma store owner was able to defend himself against a robber who brought a knife to a fight. The store owner whipped out a machete!

Store Owner (on left) defends himself with a machete. Photo courtesy of Tacoma Poolice Facebook.

From MyNorthwest:

“A 70-year-old store owner fended off a knife-wielding robber by brandishing his own store’s defense system — a really big machete.

Naif Qatamin, the store owner, and his wife run Selena One Market in Tacoma. The business has been robbed before, with Qatamin using a stick for protection. A year ago, he upgraded to a machete, slotted right next to the register.

On Feb. 5, the store’s upgraded defense came in handy when a pocketknife-wielding robber walked to the register and announced, “This is a robbery. Do you understand?” Qaatamin understood, and from behind the counter, pulled his machete while saying, “That’s not a knife, this is a knife.”

“He backed up there,” Qatamin told KIRO Newsradio. “He was shocked and fell down right there.”

The suspected robber ran from the store, but was later caught by police. The next day, he was released from jail and returned to the store.

“He stood right there by the door and said ‘I’m going to come back, rob you and kill you.’ I said ‘One step inside and I’m going to fix you up.’ He put his foot down right there and I hit him right here,” Qatamin said, pointing to his chest.”

Read the whole story here.

Thanks to democrats’ soft-on-crime prosecutors, Defund the Police movement, and disdain of all guns, store owners are desperate to protect themselves.

Wise to stay away from the crime-infested blue cities these days. Your life may depend upon it.


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1 month ago

The stupidity of the police is ridiculous at best. Facts show that in home invasions that those who don’t fight back 60% of the time get hurt shot raped or what ever else they have on their minds at the time. Then for those who do fight back only 33% get hurt that was from a fbi static page.
And the thing is the government does not give me the right to fight back or not.

God gives you the right to protect your self. So only makes good sense that your responsible for taking steps to insure your safety…Cuz the government don’t give a rats A$$ About you…….

So I would think stopping theft and robbing would fall in the same category your apt to get hurt if you do what they say you have no idea what they have on their minds so can’t take a chance on it.

Gracie Storvika
Gracie Storvika
1 month ago

The evil men and women that we have occupying offices of that have facilitated this wholesale crime all up and down the West coast (Washington, Oregon, and California) should be sitting in jail for facilitating the crimes that are being perpetrated. Here we have a situation that the average citizen is forced to live in fear and dread because fools will not enforce the law. I must say, it does make one see the wisdom of citizens back in the 1800’s who subscribed to citizen justice, or vigilante justice–they just did not put up with all these kinds of goings on!

1 month ago

The thief brought a pocketknife to a machete fight? Rich. Released after being caught, the “perp” threatened to come back and kill the store owner? Does he think the store owner won’t have a gun or a damned battleaxe the next time? How about this: the store owner leaves the state so he’s not even available anymore to suffer this BS in the line of “everyday business, everyday life in a state like this?” Let the perp move on to the next DIE HARD YELLOW DOG DEMORAT who does not believe, who does not opt out. Let them join hands with the perp and “live happily ever after” in the Fascist State of Washington…which is NOT alone on the West Coast, but at least for now, is most “up in your face” about their adherence to Fascism being exercised within our Democratic Republic in the USA.