Crime pays: Ilegals in NYC to receive free taxpayer-funded debit cards

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As the invasion continues at our border, the criminal illegal aliens arriving in New York City are rewarded. From The Daily Mail:

NYC begins handing out migrants taxpayer-funded, pre-paid debit cards, with 450 people set to begin receiving up to ‘$18,200-a-year’ payout

From the article:

“Migrant families in New York city have begun receiving prepaid debit cards as part of a controversial scheme that could see them receive up to $18,200 a year. Officials began distributing the cards to the first ten new arrivals at the city’s Roosevelt Hotel shelter on Monday. 

The cards are preloaded with a week’s worth of funds and will be rolled out to 115 families, equivalent to 450 people by the end of the week.

Mayor Eric Adams is pressing ahead with the $53 million scheme, despite a furious backlash amid fears the cards are open to abuse.

The debit cards can only be used at supermarkets and bodegas, the city leader said. A family of four with two children could receive up to $350 per week, depending on the children’s ages.

Participants will also have to sign an affidavit swearing they will only use the cards for food or baby supplies at the risk of being removed from the program.

Read the whole story here.

Anyone with a brain knows that this is unsustainable.

And anyone with a brain knows that you’d better vote wisely in November. Unfortunately, many have not learned this one rule:


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1 month ago

OK you all…just a comparison: I descend from many “first families” in America, of which I am proud. But, I am equally proud of my one “latest” immigrant to this country, arriving from Italy in 1906. I found early records as he came through Ellis Island. He had to prove he was disease-free & was not a criminal. He had to prove that he had (something ridiculous) like $1.75 in his pocket. He had to prove he had a sponsor to receive him, with an address, who would assume all his debts should he not be able to take care of himself. In no way could he become a ward of the US taxpayers. He had to apply for citizenship, which took time & money, so he had to get a job, in fact multiple jobs at the same time. He had to profess & sign an oath of allegiance to the United States of America, forsaking his former government from which he migrated. (I have a copy of this document from the county courthouse where he applied, swore, & signed—a treasure to me today).

His journey to citizenship was complicated by WWI & then again by WWII….in which, meanwhile, for his family to remain in this country, he had to PROVE that all his children were born in this country…so his citizenship journey did not JUST involve him, but his children born here…There had to be DOCUMENTATION of all of this, even generationally. And, I might add, he married an Irish woman, 2nd generation born in this country. It was forbidden in their household for anything but English to be spoken. Period. These were my great-grandparents, & I have a memory of this “rule” myself b/c I was so very curious at the time about the Italian language ….or any other language besides English. I had another great-grandparent at the time who read the family Bible in German, but had never lived there, had grown up in America of German descent….(all this was in Pennsylvania). Bottom line: “We’ve come a long way, baby.” And it is not a good path we’ve taken to arrive where we are by comparison. In this particular family line, we went from being menial laborers as immigrants, to 2nd generation working middle class farmers and businessmen, to 3rd generation college grads, and the rest beyond. This progression is not encouraged for our “immigrants” today coming up illegally over our Southern border, nor will they be encouraged or expected to prove ANYTHING that my ancestor had to prove in order to DESERVE citizenship in this country for himself and his children. The left like to say that the “immigration system in this country is broken.” I agree, but not for the same reasons that they advance. And, BTW….even if they think it is “broken,” why do they think and act upon their convictions as tho’ there are, then, NO LAWS for immigration?

1 month ago

All part of the plan to take us down one way or another.

1 month ago
Reply to  Brian

Thank you Brian. The most iconic comment on this subject was Ronald Reagan warning that, we are “only one generation away from losing our freedoms.” We are now 2 generations past this statement, & this includes leftest/marxist/ socialist agendas of the open borders Obama administration & now, his “third term” through the feckless, dithering, senile Biden. Literally, we are not only losing our democratic republic (as the Dems so like to cry out in classic defense mechanism of “projection”), but we have demonstrably lost our national borders, any semblance of a voice in our national economy/ debt/spending/taxation, but most recently w/opportunities given career politicians by COVID…we don’t even know if our votes are counted, how they are counted, when they are counted & IF they will be counted or IF they will be “lost, canceled, or over-ridden by fake votes shipped in from elsewhere, OR by non-citizens. We have also lost any semblance of societal control of crime, harm, unwarranted death & destruction to our person & our loved ones b/c we have allowed our corrupt judicial to champion the criminal & ignore the victim. People who advance their own self-interest (& enrichment)—politician & voter alike (& now, even every illegal that crosses our borders)—instead of our overall national & their eventual personal security, is an instrument of the those who wish to “deconstruct” our country and “rebuild” it in their desired image.