Entitlement: Man complains about TJ Maxx $12/hour pay that he applied for

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Under Bidenomics, many people have developed a sense of entitlement when it comes to working. Case in point, from the NY Post:

TJ Maxx applicant in disbelief after learning of $12 minimum wage: ‘Not taking that f–king job’

The details:

“A furious job applicant was in disbelief after he learned during an interview he would be paid $12 an hour for a T.J. Maxx position.

The man, whose full name was not disclosed but went by @sobeatmyass, took to social media in front of 362,000 viewers saying he was “not taking that f—king job,” on TikTok.

“Why the f–k did I have a job interview at T.J. Maxx the other day, and then everything went well, but in the end he [employer] told me that they pay $12 an hour and get paid every week,” the applicant, who appears to be from Pennsylvania says.

“In my head I’m like yeah, I’m not taking that f—king job because like what the f—k. That’s why their clothes are so cheap because [they’re] not paying those people,” he continued in his rant.

“Im truly baffled. I don’t know why I wasn’t able to tell this man ‘no’ on the phone just now, knowing I didn’t want to do this job. Now, I’m probably not just going to show up because I don’t even know what to do,” @sobeatmyass said in confusion.
“Cause $12 an hour, I couldn’t even wipe my a– with $12 an hour.”At the end of his tirade, the stressed out now-employee asked viewers to let him know exactly what he should do.
According to the US Department of Labor, starting minimum wage at T.J. Maxx for Pennsylvania locations amounts to $7.25 an hour.”

Read the whole story here.

The sense of entitlement with today’s generation is ridiculous (along with their ability to verbally communicate without profanity).

Newsflash: If you don’t want the job at the pay they offer, you are free to keep on looking.  But in the end, it appears he did accept the job. TJ Maxx will be lucky if the guy lasts a week.


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Brian Heinz
Brian Heinz
1 month ago

And this is what our education has produced for us and they will be running the country in the yrs to come God save us all from this stupidity……They actually know nothing cuz they don’t teach subject anymore only hate towards your fellow man.

28 days ago

I’m a (MS+90) teacher of 30-plus years. Here’s 2 “entitlement” attitudes that my middle school students openly discuss often, & I can’t disabuse them of the beliefs—‘been trying for years: 1) that if you apply for college & pay, they have to take you. Grades, reliability, don’t count. 2) They expect to make in the neighborhood of $80,000 a year or so right out of high school …with no employment records/skills, & regardless of abilities, reliabilities, motivation, suitability, & so on. We’re talking Mexifornia here, with many, many “illegal aliens” who depress the entry level job markets …esp in the construction industry. OTOH… the $12 an hour offered to this PA applicant is nearly $100 for an 8-hour day. Substitute teachers here in CA in my area (4-yr BS degree and the “extra” year of teacher certification, CBEST test-pass required, as well as acceptance by a vote of the school board), just recently (after Covid) went up from $100 a day to $130. For sure, that $100 a day in most of PA is going to go farther than the $130/day here in CA. In a new twist, hourly workers here in CA are now going to earn $20 an hour for a no-skill job, which means $160 for an 8-hour day, which will surpass the entry level teacher earnings. You can’t make this stuff up. Oh, & BTW, don’t anyone even attempt to tell me that, “Well yes…teachers “only” work 6-7 hours a day.” I’m at my desk a half hour before classes, and routinely end up working 2 hours after dismissal, often in staff meetings and parent meetings, & then there’s the weekend lesson planning, grading, summer and “break” seminars, professional developments we are required to attend, and too much more to mention. This is why most professional jobs are salaried: you work on what needs to be worked on, b/c most times, you can’t measure success in hours, but by outcome. The whiner class doesn’t “get it.” If you want a more professional treatment and pay, then do what you have to do to become a professional in whatever area…..you can start out working for that $12 an hour
in an unskilled entry job, but take steps to train up. But most are like my middle school kids who believe they are “entitled” to an $80,000/yr job just for waking up & breathing every day.