Identity politics doesn’t guarantee a “better representative of everybody”

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The left are big into identity politics. For some reason, they’ll tell you that the color of their skin and sexual orientation makes them better able to govern. Case in point: Crystal Hudson, who represents the 35th District of the New York City Council.

When Crystal ran she outlined her “Black Agenda” for her district. She mentioned numerous times on her web page that she is “unapologetically pro-Black, pro-queer, pro-justice.”

Her page also states that she was elected in 2021 and made history as the first out gay Black woman ever elected in New York City. How did that turn out for the residents who voted for her? They aren’t too happy:

Furious residents erupt at NYC town hall meeting over crime outside gargantuan migrant shelter that houses 3,000 men

From The Daily Mail:

“A community meeting in Brooklyn devolved into a shouting match when concerned residents from several family-friendly neighborhoods expressed their extreme dissatisfaction with their councilmember over a huge migrant shelter in the area.

City councilmember Crystal Hudson was met with ire from her constituents as she attempted to speak at the community meeting on Monday night.

Residents in the family-oriented neighborhood of Clinton Hill remain uneasy about the migrant shelter that opened last summer right next to the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The shelter currently accommodates more than 3,000 single men who  crossed the southern border illegally before being transported to New York City. Residents fear the massive shelter puts their children and the area in danger.

Hudson did not help her case when she stood up in the middle of the meeting to announce a stabbing had occurred earlier in the day right by the shelter. ‘There was an incident earlier today – it’s not the first incident, I hope it will be the last – there was a stabbing that was at the park,’ said Hudson.

But Hudson’s comments nonetheless further ignited intense frustration among the crowd at the Boys and Girls Navy Yard Clubhouse.

The news prompted several already angered constituents to stand up and begin shouting. ‘You are avoiding the issue,’ said one man into a microphone, speaking about the shelter. ‘Is there a universe where the city can safely house 3,200 single men together?’

‘It can’t!’ shouted some people in the crowd in response. ‘It is unsafe! It is unsafe!’ cried others.

During the meeting, Hudson – who had City Speaker Adrienne Adams and Comptroller Brad Lander by her side – encouraged angry attendees to save their wrath for City Hall.

She went on to blame the mayor for a lack of support in dealing with the migrant crisis. ‘We have literally said exactly what you just said … I understand the frustration. I get it … But my office has done everything we can,’ she said, according to local reporter Arya Sundaram.

Alejandro Gonzalez, a spokesperson for Councilwoman Hudson, said in a statement to the New York Post that her office confirmed its commitment to ‘caring for’ undocumented migrants.”

Read the whole story here.

When, oh when, are voters going to learn:


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28 days ago

NYC has been dangerous for a long time, but this elected official is one of the people who are speeding up the ruin of the city.

27 days ago

The Left’s pursuit of DEI identity politics precisely is so that representation is not of everyone, but favors certain racial/ethnic minorities, females, and LGBTQ. In particular, the purpose is to discriminate against white males.

Gracie Storvika
Gracie Storvika
27 days ago

In watching this woman’s political ad, what I saw was someone who was pandering the idea, “We want to pick the pockets of those who have and give it to those who have not!” I recently read an article which indicated that among the young black people graduating from schools in NYC, the statistics were bleak–many, many of these students could not read or write. They were not proficient in math. How is it that there would be any hope that these same students could possibly go out into the work force and actually have anything to offer an employer? We can all say, “the schools have failed them.” But, more importantly, I think we must put the blame exactly where it belongs–their mothers have failed them. When mothers are not engaged in actually rearing their children, and seeing to it that they learn to read. This is the end product of “the Great Society,” where the government would pay single woman to produce child after child. Unfortunately, there is little difference between this and witnessing litters of unwanted puppies and kitties. This stupid representative from NYC is just another “poverty pimp” hoping to improve her own circumstances on the heads of uneducated lower class citizens.

27 days ago

Yup, elections do have consequences.

22 days ago

VP Kamala Harris. Enough said.