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Former US Navy captain and son rescue pilot from icy creek after crash

Great job, guys!


Ken Potts, Pearl Harbor survivor, celebrates his 100th birthday!

Meet Pearl Harbor survivor Ken Potts from Provo, Utah.

Ken is one of two remaining USS Arizona survivors. He turned 100 on April 15 and the Utah National Guard celebrated Potts’ service by giving him a ride on an Army Black Hawk helicopter. Watch:

The other living USS Arizona survivor, Lou Conter, and Potts are expected at Pearl Harbor for the 80th anniversary of the surprise Dec. 7, 1941, attack on Oahu. Conter turns 100 in September.

Read more about Ken including his background and military service here.

Happy Birthday sir and thank you for your service!

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Did ‘ya know? Lost US Navy subs & crew are “on eternal patrol”

The other day I read that 52 US submarines and over 3,500 of their crew were lost during WWII. I then found out that those who perished are considered “still on patrol” or “on eternal patrol.”

Pearl Harbor Submarine Memorial

According to the Pearl Harbor Memorial web page, upwards of 55% of Japan’s merchant marine losses were due to American submarines. This came with a high price: The U.S. Navy’s submarine service suffered the highest casualty percentage of all the American armed forces, losing one in five submariners. Some 16,000 submariners served during the war, of whom 375 officers and 3,131 enlisted men were killed.

Here’s a complete list of lost US submarines that are “still on patrol.”

A man by the name of Tim Taylor founded the Lost 52 Project in order to research and locate the US Navy subs that were lost during WWII. From their web site:

“The Lost 52 Project is a long term exploration and underwater archeological project that is documenting and preserving the story of the Lost 52 WWII Submarines, leaving a foundation of knowledge for future generations. Building on our current discoveries, ocean exploration and underwater robotics expertise, our team is organizing, executing and managing expeditions with the goal to discover and survey as many of the lost 52 US WWII submarines as possible.”

Here’s a video of Lost 52 Project’s discovery of the USS Grayback:

Watch family members who lost relatives on the Grayback react to the submarine’s discovery:

Great job Tim Taylor and the Lost 52 Project! You bring great comfort to those whose loved ones are “on eternal patrol.”