Baby meets the Rainbow Bridge: Blessed for having 20+ years with my kitty

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The day after Thanksgiving we put down our Baby kitty. He was 20 years and four months old, and had been living with kidney disease for four years. A miracle that he was still alive at this point!

I knew that the time had come to make sure he didn’t suffer. So we made the difficult call to have him euthanized. It broke my heart. And yet, I still feel so blessed to have had him in my life for such a long time.

Meet our Baby kitty:

The Baby kitty who I rescued, along with his brother Lucky (who passed at 16 1/2 years old), from another state where they and their mother were abandoned in the woods.

The Baby kitty who was a great hunter: Snakes, birds, mice, rats and squirrels. And also bunnies and possums, although we tried to pry those critters out of his paws and save them, whenever possible.

Baby was such a good hunter that he actually caught a bird one time while I was walking him on a leash!

And toward the end, the Baby kitty who just enjoyed watching the bunnies instead of chasing them.

The Baby kitty who enjoyed our warm laps, treats, and chin rubs. The Baby kitty who brought us great love and kitty warmth.

Rest in Peace my Baby kitty. God blessed us when He gave you so much time on Earth with us.

See you over the Rainbow Bridge, my buddy.

I know all of our pets will be smiling and waiting for us!


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1 year ago

Miss you, little one.

Brian Heinz
Brian Heinz
1 year ago

It wouldn’t be Heaven if we didn’t have a our pets there with us.
Prayers for your heart know how your feeling.

Last edited 1 year ago by Brian Heinz
1 year ago

What a beautiful cat. The longer pets live the harder it is to give them up. Prayers sent for you.

1 year ago

There is never enough time to say good bye.
Rest in peace, little one. 💔

Jackie Puppet
1 year ago

So sorry to hear of this DCG. It’s always heartbreaking to lose a pet you’ve loved unconditionally and vice versa.

It’s been 8 years since I put down my German Shepherd, Major – also on the day after Thanksgiving.

I knew he was dying for about 6 months before, and when he spleen ruptured that day, it was enough for me. As much as he wanted to be with me and I wanted him, it was time. My big regret was that I’d spent most of Thanksgiving with family – if I knew he was going the next day, I’d have stayed home with him.

Thanksgiving’s been a mixed bag for me – some good, some bad – but this one hit a little harder when I thought of Major.

1 year ago

💔 🙏 So sorry for your loss, DCG! We have watched a number of furry loved ones cross that bridge. I am comforted by animal references the Lord made, like the lion laying down with the lamb. And if animals aren’t important to the Lord, then please explain the cherubim with 4 faces: a man, an eagle, a lion and a an ox. And the mention of our Heavenly Father being aware of it whenever a little bird dies. He loves His animals.