When liberals’ virtue signaling collides with reality

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Remember last fall when Florida Gov. DeSantis sent illegal aliens to the sanctuary state of Massachusetts and deposited them in Martha’s Vineyard? The illegal aliens lasted only 44 hours before the city got rid of them.

Professional virtue-signaling expert NYC Mayor Adams

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is also a virtue-signaling hypocrite. His state and city are sanctuary havens for illegal aliens yet when the reality of their offer sets in, they offer zero compassion.

Case in point, from NY Post: “Sobering video show migrants sleeping on cardboard outside iconic NYC hotel as shelter hits capacity.” From the article:

The group slept shoulder-to-shoulder across three full blocks while waiting to be taken into the currently full city shelter as NYPD officers monitored the situation.

Heartbreaking images showed crowd-control ropes separating the migrants from passersby, as those waiting for access to proper shelter huddled under blankets with their belongings alongside them.

Groups of migrants also have slept inside white “dollar vans” parked outside the hotel after they were turned away because of overwhelming numbers. 

“Right now, it’s essential that we get on top of the inhumane & concerning conditions immediately as we figure out how to change intake,” frustrated City Council majority leader Keith Powers (D-Manhattan) tweeted over the weekend, citing “the situation” at the Roosevelt.”

Read the whole story here.

It’s been almost a year since Mayor Adams committed (virtue signaled) to be a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens. He obviously didn’t take that commitment seriously as he leaves illegal aliens sleeping along NYC sidewalks.

Back in March this year he knew the city was unprepared to deal with the reality of harboring illegal aliens. But he stuck to his conviction (virtue signaling) and now the “compassionate party” is treating these people as nothing more than dogs.

These people may be out on the streets yet we all know the real reason why the demorat virtue signaling for illegal immigration will continue:


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8 months ago

We have to get the vote out and stop this evil advance that has a strangle hold on this country. I honestly think this will be our last chance to stop it at this election. If they keep control any longer we might not be a free nation much longer.

Gracie Storvika
Gracie Storvika
8 months ago

Excellent article! It is truly dumbfounding that our “elected” leaders would bring such a plague to our nation as a whole. Sorry, but I cannot muster even one ounce of sympathy for these invaders, but my heart does go out to those living in New York who are forced to financially support these hoards of illegals. Did any of the Democrats who supported this scheme really think it would end well?

8 months ago

Hey you “Sanctuary Cities” and States…..TIME TO PAY UP. PERIOD.