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Our nation needs some hope and healing…

Democrat-run cities are dangerous for their citizens and law enforcement. Between their “Defund the Police” movement which has resulted in increased crime, cashless bail policies and soft-on-punishment district attorneys, no one is safe. Just take a look at some recent headlines from our nation:

These stories break my heart. It’s so disheartening to see what is happening to some of our once-so-beautiful American cities.

Americans better wake up to the fact that elections have real life-and-death consequences. Politicians are failing their citizens while implementing their horrendous policies. We need strong leadership restored to our cities (and country) before they completely perish and rot before our very eyes.


When liberals’ virtue signaling collides with reality

Remember last fall when Florida Gov. DeSantis sent illegal aliens to the sanctuary state of Massachusetts and deposited them in Martha’s Vineyard? The illegal aliens lasted only 44 hours before the city got rid of them.

Professional virtue-signaling expert NYC Mayor Adams

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is also a virtue-signaling hypocrite. His state and city are sanctuary havens for illegal aliens yet when the reality of their offer sets in, they offer zero compassion.

Case in point, from NY Post: “Sobering video show migrants sleeping on cardboard outside iconic NYC hotel as shelter hits capacity.” From the article:

The group slept shoulder-to-shoulder across three full blocks while waiting to be taken into the currently full city shelter as NYPD officers monitored the situation.

Heartbreaking images showed crowd-control ropes separating the migrants from passersby, as those waiting for access to proper shelter huddled under blankets with their belongings alongside them.

Groups of migrants also have slept inside white “dollar vans” parked outside the hotel after they were turned away because of overwhelming numbers. 

“Right now, it’s essential that we get on top of the inhumane & concerning conditions immediately as we figure out how to change intake,” frustrated City Council majority leader Keith Powers (D-Manhattan) tweeted over the weekend, citing “the situation” at the Roosevelt.”

Read the whole story here.

It’s been almost a year since Mayor Adams committed (virtue signaled) to be a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens. He obviously didn’t take that commitment seriously as he leaves illegal aliens sleeping along NYC sidewalks.

Back in March this year he knew the city was unprepared to deal with the reality of harboring illegal aliens. But he stuck to his conviction (virtue signaling) and now the “compassionate party” is treating these people as nothing more than dogs.

These people may be out on the streets yet we all know the real reason why the demorat virtue signaling for illegal immigration will continue:


Man saves 24 people during Buffalo blizzard

Hero Jay (behind woman in wheelchair) with people he saved.

From Daily Mail:

“A Buffalo man has been praised for his bravery after saving 24 people from a deadly blizzard that ripped through western New York dumping up to 50.3 inches of snow on the region.

Jay Withey, 27, feared he was going to die entombed in his car where he had been forced to sleep with two strangers after his truck got stuck in the brutal snowstorm.

After a series of rejections to seek shelter, Withey returned to his truck which quickly ran out of gas, it was then the unsuspecting hero identified others stranded and decided to break into a nearby school.

Dubbed ‘Merry Christmas Jay’ Withey and his crew, including seven senior citizens, waited out the storm which has so far taken the lives of at least 40 people, that number set to rise.

‘I walked to the houses to see if I could find shelter, any house that had lights on. I had $500 that I was offering, to sleep on their floor,’ Withey told WBEN. ‘It’s the only time in my life I actually thought I was going to die.’

It was around 6am on Christmas Eve that Withey’s truck ran out of gas and the group had no other choice but to break into Pine Hill Primary Center.

‘Off to the left, I could see there was a school about 600-700 feet away from us. I knew the power would be on, there would be heat in there and I was guaranteeing there would be food in there,’ he said.

According to Cheektowaga Police Department, the group respectfully set up what they needed in the main area of the cafeteria, helping themselves to food to survive the treacherous weather system.

As the storm began to break late Christmas Day and everyone was ready to leave, ‘Merry Christmas Jay’ found the school’s snow blower and cleared all the vehicles that belonged to his group.

Withey then fixed the broken window they had used to get into the school using cardboard and duct tape leaving a note behind apologizing for breaking in.

‘To whomever it may concern, I’m terribly sorry about breaking the school window and for breaking in the kitchen,’ the letter states.

‘Got stuck at 8pm Friday and slept in my truck with two strangers just trying not to die. There were seven elderly people also stuck and out of fuel.

‘I had to do it to save everyone and get them shelter and food and a bathroom. Merry Christmas Jay.’

School officials and the police department were notified of the window breaking and after the roads were safe a police officer checked out the school and found the note which led them to view security camera footage.

Authorities posted a tweet thanking Withey for his ‘heroic actions.’

Read the rest of the story here.

Great job, Jay!


Dramatic moment hero teen, 17, dives into chilly New York bay to rescue 18-year-old

This will come as no surprise: The young man who made the rescue, Anthony Zhongor, is a Marine recruit. Watch the video below or read all the details here.



Weekend Liftoff: Hockey crowd goes all in on the National Anthem

Happy Friday!

Let’t head into the weekend with this uplifting moment, shall we?

The woman singing the National Anthem is a singer, writer and actress by the name of  Nicole Raviv.

This happened at a hockey game in Long Island.

Such a great way to head into the weekend!

h/t Right Scoop