Our nation needs some hope and healing…

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Democrat-run cities are dangerous for their citizens and law enforcement. Between their “Defund the Police” movement which has resulted in increased crime, cashless bail policies and soft-on-punishment district attorneys, no one is safe. Just take a look at some recent headlines from our nation:

These stories break my heart. It’s so disheartening to see what is happening to some of our once-so-beautiful American cities.

Americans better wake up to the fact that elections have real life-and-death consequences. Politicians are failing their citizens while implementing their horrendous policies. We need strong leadership restored to our cities (and country) before they completely perish and rot before our very eyes.


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8 days ago

We have to remember that our Lord is in control and he will be our only shinning light on the hill. I have to keep thinking what someone told me they only thing they can really take from you is your life and you know were you will be if that happens.

Prayer is the key to everything the more people pray the more the Holy Ghost is with us and reversing the evil put upon us.

Hope, Faith, Love the three things we rely on here on earth but in heaven only one will follow us there. Pray as much and as often as you can its the only way to stop this.

4 days ago

This story, like so many others these days, is “local” to me. Not much to be said that is not already known: ancients noted that “what is honored in a country will be developed there.” I think this means in short hand today…”you get what you vote for.” For this public servant, it meant death, just b/c he was a public servant. It also likely means that if and when the “perp’ is caught, Soros-funded DA’s will send him out to kill again.