Bidenomics in action: Family Dollar to close nearly 1,000 stores

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Thanks to demorat’s (and RINOs) out-of-control spending, the U.S. Economy is not that great. Inflation remains high as well as interest rates, US credit card debt is at a new high, and unemployment has hit a tw0-year high. In combination with other progressive policies, stores are closing across the country.

You can now add Family Dollar and Dollar Tree stores to the list (via CNN):

“Family Dollar, the struggling discount chain that caters to low-income customers predominantly in cities, said Wednesday it will close nearly 1,000 stores.

Persistent inflation and reduced government benefits continue to pressure the lower-income consumers that comprise a sizable portion of Family Dollar’s” customer base, CEO Rick Dreiling said Wednesday on a call with analysts.

Family Dollar will close 600 locations this year and 370 stores over the next several years as store leases expire. Family Dollar has around 8,000 US stores. Dollar Tree also said it will close 30 stores as leases expire.

The closures will improve the company’s profitability. But they are likely to leave a void for Americans with already limited shopping choices. Family Dollar stores are often in areas with few supermarkets, big box stores and other retail options.”

Read the whole story here.

Vote wisely in November, folks. Remember:


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Brian Heinz
Brian Heinz
2 months ago

Great Post DCG people need to see the real truth and not the one the media is hosting for the feds…..

2 months ago

Great EVEN THE DOLLAR STORES are losing money. Does that mean we are down to the nub? IMO….YES….when you are speaking to the American public ability to pay for the BLM & Defund the Police/ no cash bail robberies…..then in addition, still have to pay for elevated electric, heating, gas, food, medicine bills due to our canceled energy independence since BIDENOMICS (of which he is so proud) which is costing the American public $1,000 more per month these days…it is a travesty upon us. I am “OK” for now b/c of my earning power (but won’t be in a year when I retire)…but my kids and most of the families of the kids I teach are NOT OK. They are drowning in Bidenomics, even with all the free lunches, free this or that…..If you take away the affordable energy, you take away affordable EVERYTHING ….gas, electricity, food, drugs, clothing, on & on. My kids & their families, for instance, rely upon the dollar stores for cheap FOOD, school supplies (pencils, erasers, colored pencils, lined paper, crayons, markers….& so on)…..During COVID zoom classes, they did not EVEN have these things due to their reliance upon the State to provide….so, I had to accept way sub-standard submitted assignments, knowing that parents and kids could not access even basic school supplies, and that my state was not figuring out how to supply them during Covid. I am an art teacher, but also teach a section of world history & both require the same materials for representative assignments, like maps/graphs/chart products of either pure art or of social studies. It was all hard before Covid, almost impossible during the lock-down, and since “resuming normal” it has not changed. In fact, it has become more challenging with the added Bidenomics. As a teacher, I am almost at “terminal” exhaustion with teaching through all this.