Hollyweird libtard partners with brand that promotes transgenders because she’s now concerned about “age-appropriate” products

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More like her agent garnered her a fat paycheck to repeat their messaging…

Drew Barrymore kneeling before Dylan Mulvaney, a man living as a “transwoman.”

Hollyweird actress Drew Barrymore got into some hot water last year when she had transboy Dylan Mulvaney on her talk show. Drew received much criticism with a conservative noting, “Women are now getting on their hands and knees to show solidarity with a man who has lived as a woman for less than a year. Truly the sneakiest trick the patriarchy ever pulled.” 

Drew has now partnered with Dove (owned by Unilever) to raise awareness of anti-aging skincare being marketed toward tweens.

Unilever has promoted transgenderism via many campaigns:

  • In 2017 Dover promoted #RealMoms by featuring a mom (aka man) who is transgender
  • In 2021 Unilever “took action” to focus on cities (as recommended by the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipality Equality Index) to, in part, create a more inclusive world
  • In 2022, as part of their “United We Stand” campaign, Unilever announced their fourth year of  “promoting systemic change” to fight anti-trans legislation

Photo from Unilever’s “United We Stand” campaign

Now Dove (Unilever) has partnered with Drew Barrymore to “raise awareness of the anti-aging skincare trend that can foster premature appearance anxiety in young girls.”

Nevermind the message that men can become women; I guess that’s not confusing enough to give young girls anxiety. Behold the new messaging:

From People Magazine:

“Like many moms of tween and teens, Barrymore tells PEOPLE she’s having conversations about skincare at home with daughters Frankie, 9, and Olive, 11.

“They’re really into skincare because that’s really a lot of what they see and what their friends are into. So I’m just always trying to keep track of what products are age-appropriate and not too active for their skin,” Barrymore shares.

From her perspective, Barrymore is very conscious of “the mental gym and what’s inside our heads.”

“That, to me, is more important than what’s in our beauty routine. I think the things we tell ourselves inside our minds should remind us that beauty is for everyone. We can make sure the ingredients are age-appropriate, and the messages are really about the joy of it rather than worrying about anti-aging.”

“For me, beauty has always been about positive messaging at any age. I’m such a Dove girl, and they’re so ahead of the curve on talking about how we see ourselves versus how we think we should be seen, and the cause and effect of that. I think that’s a great responsibility that companies have, and I think Dove does it in a way that’s just so much more impactful.”

“…positive messaging and emotional and mental empowerment are so crucial. The messages always have to be about loving who you are, working with what you’ve got and having fun with it. It’s about being joyful and not in a scramble to be something different than who you are.”

Read the whole story here.

I’m sure Drew does not see the irony in partnering with Dove to promote “healthy messaging” to young girls while Dove’s partner company is promoting the mental gymnastics of gender dysphoria.

Way to teach young girls that “mental empowerment” is working with what you’ve got. Until you want to transition and never understand the cause and effect of having a mental disorder.


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J F Lombardi
J F Lombardi
2 months ago

Once again, thank you. did not know this . We are truly a lost world. The question Pilate asked….is never out of date….seems to be ever important for today’s lost..”what is truth”……..and Truth was standing right in front of him.

2 months ago

Like it can’t get any worse than it is already. May God have mercy on those who came up with this idea for I say it will go badly for them in the GWTR we will see what happens.

2 months ago

How can I say this any other way but…isn’t soap just SOAP to clean off the dirt of the day? EXPLAIN to me how this soap is correlated to transgenderism or any other relationship to LGBTQ…etc…? How is it related to the taste or preferences in beer? WTF is going on with advertising these days? If you want to “turn off” 96% of the buying public, just keep on doing this advertising bent and reap what you sow. Most of us don’t give a rip about anyone’s sexual proclivities or preferences ….and most of us don’t even know ALL the proclivities that apply (though, we are somehow supposed to and supposed to obey/respond to “appropriately.”). In the end, we don’t want it rubbed in our faces by national TV advertising, no matter what we know or don’t know. IN the most sage words that our current POTUS has ever said…or ever will say…”Come on , MAN!”