Get out of Los Angeles: Man’s conceal carry permit pulled after defending his home

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If you can, get out of blue cities that have been controlled by democrats for decades.

Los Angeles is one such democrat-run city that is failing its citizens. Along with other blue cities, Los Angeles is facing homelessness, increased crime and open-air drug use.

On the other hand, Los Angeles is not failing is their criminals.

Vince Ricci defended his home and family on November 4th when two armed thugs tried to take him down. Fortunately Ricci was carrying and able to scare off the intruders.

Fast forward a couple weeks and the Los Angeles Police Department is revoking Ricci’s conceal carry permit. Why? From The Daily Mail:

“Ricci told Fox News the sheriff’s office called him on Thursday telling him it was due to him ‘yelling’ at officers. He had previously blasted the LAPD for ‘sloppy police work’, including their alleged negligence in picking up casings scattered near his home as evidence.”

Watch Ricci speak of the event:

You can read more details about his story here.

Democrats have proven they don’t care about the rights of law-abiding citizens. The criminals now run the systems prevelant throughout blue cities. Get out of one if you can. It may save your life.


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8 months ago

Fair warning, DCG! I saw some video of that incident last week, and can find nothing that this guy did wrong. Thank you for posting.

8 months ago

We are at the point of diminished returns. They want you dependent on them. And they careless if your family is attacked.

They on the other hand have security details 24/7 for them and their family’s. Its up to you to look out for your self and family.They will tie your hands behind your back so you can’t.

I have seen this video many times now and in every angle I’ve seen it, he was picture perfect on response, 99% of all people will flinch when you throw something at the eyes, and he did just that and was just enough time to get his weapon out and defend himself and family.

7 months ago

I was “T-boned” by an illegal 16-year old unlicensed driver(who was dropping off her elementary school sister) on my way to work 2 weeks ago who pulled out in front of me. Had I NOT veered to the left (with no one in a turn lane or oncoming traffic), I’d have maybe killed her in her driver door…As it ended up, I did NOT brake, but veered at speed to the left and she smashed into the heaviest part of my car…the front passenger wheel of an all-wheel drive car. We both walked away. Her car was in pieces. My car was just “totaled” b/c of the hit to the all-wheel drive. I was “OK” but sore for days…and every vessel in the backs of my hands were broken/bruised from gripping the steering wheel so hard when I saw the HIT coming. Very weird. For every illegal that comes to this country and says “I don’t ask anything but asylum,” consider the cost to all of us in things like happened to me (this is not the first time in my family that we’ve had to pay this price)……but the cost of public education, welfare, and health etc…..This is the second time I’ve had a car totaled in CA by either vandalism or an illegal driver.