Nasty and rude: Trans activist brings stuffed shark to mock surfer who lost arm in shark attack

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When they go low, we go high.”

Riley Gaines is a former competitive swimmer and a fierce advocate for women’s sports. She speaks out against biological men competing and hijacking women’s sports, robbing women of many opportunities. Because she speaks biological truth, she is hated by the left. They always show up to protest her events.

Bethany Hamilton is a professional surfer who lost her left arm in  a shark attack in 2003. She credits her Christian faith for helping her heal and Bethany’s story is portrayed in the movie, Soul Surfer.

They spoke at an event last Friday, doing readings that celebrate female athletes. Of course, trans activists showed up to disrupt the event. One activist showed up to protest the event carrying a stuffed toy shark, in an apparent mocking of Hamilton’s shark attack (from Riley’s X):

Despite the presence of this miserable creature, the event was a success. Read more details about the event here.

Way to win over  hearts and minds by showing such blatant hatred for women.


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22 days ago

The fat POS probably never participated in sports beyond elementary school playground dodge ball. How ugly and disrespectful.

21 days ago

This is what they do they have a narrative that drives them if you ask them why they could not answer you they have been so dumbed down they can tell a man from a woman this is becoming a mental health problem and they need to address it as such……Good post DCG

13 days ago

Would like to charge her an arm (and a leg) for her next tranny activist demonstration. ( Would she “belly up?”)

Captain America
Captain America
11 days ago

Why are all of those tranzoid fellas so homely and miserable looking? Oh, wait…

Last edited 11 days ago by Captain America