Trudeau’s Canada: Citizens with long-term pain claim it’s easier to get euthanasia

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This will come as no surprise…

Canada legalized euthanasia in 2016 through their Medical Assistance in Dying  (MAID) program. There were 13,241 MAID deaths reported in Canada in 2022, a thirty percent increase from 2021.

If you thought socialized medicine was bad before legalized euthanasia, take a look at what patients in Canada now have to deal with:

Canadians living with agonizing pain slam the ‘unintelligible’ double standard that leaves them to suffer

From The Daily Mail:

“Canada has long faced criticism for its ultra-permissive euthanasia system, with 4.1 percent of all deaths aided by doctors.

Now, it faces fresh outrage from woefully sick people who say it’s easier to get lethal injections than it is to access the ‘medicine’ they need.

In two bombshell moments this month, sufferers of cognitive problems said they’d struggled to get the ‘magic mushroom’ cures that ease their suffering.

Meanwhile, they bemoaned how euthanasia is only getting easier to access.

Noted veteran Kelsi Sheren went public with a call for easier access to plant therapies for traumatized ex-combatants. ‘Why is it that we can access death care, but we can’t access a genuine treatment that can help us become a functioning healthy, taxpaying part of society?’ said Sheren. 

Sheren is CEO of Brass and Unity, a jewelry firm that works to fight high suicide rates among veterans.

Sheren had to hire lawyers, stump up cash and wait months to get the treatment she needed under a special program, she said. All the while, fellow veterans like her were offered MAiD as a way to end their suffering, she adds.

Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) program has gone off the rails, she says. ‘We have a predatory behavior of telling individuals that they can’t heal, they can’t get better, and the solution to their problems is death,’ she told True North.

Veterans frequently complain about the shortcomings of state care, which typically involves talk therapy to help ‘wounded warrior’ PTSD sufferers, as well as drugs to fight anxiety and depression.

Restrictions on the drugs are increasingly called into question in a country where assisted suicides become routine.

“It is crazy that people who served our country are being offered death rather than treatment to live,” said Alex Schadenberg, from the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.”

Read the whole article here.

It’s best to stay healthy as long as you can. Between socialized medicine and the “wokeness” infecting healthcare professionals and institutions, no  one is going to have the best interest in your health.


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Brian Heinz
Brian Heinz
22 days ago

Good Post DCG wonder how long before biteme tries to get something like it started here……..

20 days ago

OK, worked in a US Public Health Service for years….Is it easier to access euthanasia in Canada than ameliorating support for pain & difficulty elsewhere? Not only for the suffering, but their loved ones? I guess so. I am constantly in tears for the BS I see online about supporting those in pain & sorrow…in any country–here (US) or Canada…but not allowing them a final and definitive choice…or even their families. Is this “1984?”

Gracie Storvika
Gracie Storvika
20 days ago

I was heartsick when I read of the draconian ideas that Canada is pushing to deal with ex-military members who are struggling with excruciating pain. No doubt, getting rid of these individuals would certainly save money for the Canadian government. Trudeau and his cronies are just plain evil.

19 days ago

Terrible. Elections really do have consequences.
Saw a news article recently that, like blue states California & NY, people are leaving Canada because of the “woke” govt.

Mark S. McGrew
Mark S. McGrew
19 days ago

I think the solution to corrupt politicians is MAiD.

12 days ago
Reply to  Mark S. McGrew

What does that mean?