Bald eagle who was ‘hatching’ a rock becomes step-dad

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This is such a touching story about fatherhood.

Murphy, a male bald eagle who was living alone in the World Bird Sanctuary, Valley Park, Missouri, was so eager to be a dad that he tried to “hatch” a rock.

His dream came true when the Sanctuary replaced the rock with a rescue eaglet.

Murphy puts humans to shame, especially men who “sow their wild oats,” abandon the babies they sired, or are cold or abusive fathers.


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Gracie Storvika
Gracie Storvika
14 days ago

What a wonderful story.

14 days ago

Loves a happy ending!

13 days ago

Bald Eagles are incredible parents. I have followed some on YouTube live cams for years. There’s a male about 14, on there now that has been raising two after the female went missing months ago. One has fledged. Southwest Eagle cam in Florida.