Husky brought into animal shelter escapes crate; chaos ensues!

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A Husky named “Titan” was brought into the Colbert County Animal Shelter last Wednesday night. He managed to escape his crate (and freed two other pups!) and went on a shredding spree causing $2,000 worth of damages.

From The Daily Mail:

The dogs then went on a destructive rampage tearing furniture apart, ripping blinds down from the windows and destroying the office computer.

CCTV footage shows Titan climbing on the desk and wandering freely – apparently admiring the destruction he caused.

Stunned Charles shared the CCTV on social media when a husky-loving family reached out in the hope of adopting Titan – taking him home less than 24 hours after he arrived at the shelter.

He’d let two of his buddies out too and they threw a party in the back as well but it wasn’t as bad back there. I don’t know how he did it.

‘Sometimes they open the crate but never the lobby door.’

Charles launched a fundraiser to cover the costs of replacing the computer equipment that Titan and his pals destroyed.”

Read the whole story here.

I hope Titan’s new owner is ready for some chaos in their life!


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Brian Heinz
Brian Heinz
4 months ago

Maybe he was just checking out the files looking for a good owner with the most to spend on pets lol.

4 months ago

Hilarious! The best part is that Titan “freed” the two other dogs. At least all three had much fun that night. LOL