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Biden promotes abortion up to birth in SOTU

LifeNews.com reports, March 7, 2024 [red color emphasis supplied]:

During his State of the Union address today, Joe Biden promised he would sign legislation to kill babies in abortions up to birth if Democrats win complete control of Congress this November.

“In its decision to overturn Roe v. Wade the Supreme Court majority wrote ‘Women are not without electoral or political power.’ No kidding. Clearly those bragging about overturning Roe v. Wade have no clue about the power of women in America,” Biden said.

“But they found out when reproductive freedom was on the ballot and won in 2022, 2023, and they will find out again in 2024. If Americans send me a Congress that supports the right to choose I promise you: I will restore Roe v. Wade as the law of the land again,” Biden said.

Over 65.5 million babies have been killed in abortions since the Supreme Court handed down that infamous decision in 1973. However, apparently, that’s not enough abortions for Biden, so he announced plans yesterday to expand both surgical and chemical abortions at a time when states already allow abortions up to birth.

Biden is going to continue his desperate attempt to exploit a federal law, the that guarantees “emergency medical treatment,” and twist it to try to force emergency rooms across the country to do abortions. Never mind that federal courts have already rebuked his attempt to turn ER doctors into abortionists.

Biden claimed during the speech that pro-life states deny pregnant women legitimate health care or lifesaving medical treatment.

This of course is totally false, as every single pro-life law in America fully allows pregnant women to get medical care — including for ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages.

Ingrid Skop, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., a board-certified OB-GYN who serves as vice president and director of medical affairs at Charlotte Lozier Institute, told LifeNews earlier this year that no pro-life laws preent pregnant women from accessing medical care.

“The overwhelming majority of OB-GYNs recognize both mother and baby as our patients and so does federal law,” she said….

Biden’s views are not shared by most Americans. A new national poll conducted by Marist University finds that two-thirds of Americans support pro-life laws that place limits on abortions.

The 2024 Knights of Columbus-Marist Poll results reveal that 66% of Americans support placing legal limits on abortion, and that nearly 6 in 10 support limiting abortions to the first three months of pregnancy.

This survey, conducted by the Marist Poll also found that 83% of Americans support pregnancy resource centers, which offer support to mothers both during their pregnancy and after their baby is born.

Additionally, the poll found that two-thirds of Americans believe healthcare professionals with religious objections to abortions should not be legally required to perform them, while 86% of respondents believe that laws can protect both the mother and her unborn child.