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Heroic goat and rooster save chicken from hawk

God’s creatures are so much more magnificent than we give them credit for.

Thanks to the wide availability of surveillance cameras and video-capable cell phones, we now know so much more about non-human creatures than what ethologists tell us.

Not only do animals have empathy, they are altruistic. Some are downright heroic.

On September 5, 2021, Jaap Beets was in his farmhouse in Gelderland, Netherlands, when he heard a loud commotion coming from his livestock outside. (New York Post)

A bird of prey, a goshawk, had swooped down on a chicken, sending feathers flying in the air.

A rooster immediately rushed in to take on the hawk.

Then a goat, much bigger than the hawk, joined the battle to save the chicken.

The hawk flew away empty-taloned only a mere 17 seconds after swooping in.

Below is the astonishing video.

The courageous and noble rooster and goat put us humans to shame.