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Why some decline the COVID-19 vaccine

Some businesses, states (e.g., Oregon) and even countries are requiring vaccine passports or proof of you having been vaccinated against the COVID-19 Wuhan virus.

Many Americans, including health care professionals (in March 2021, as many as 48% of all health care workers had not taken the vaccine although they were eligible) refuse this vaccine for reasons that include the following:

(1) In the cases of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that are most widely deployed in the United States, they really are not vaccines in the traditional sense because they do not inject DNA of the actual coronavirus which would stimulate your body’s immune system to produce antibodies. Instead, a wholly new method is employed by injecting molecules of a synthetic RNA (ribonucleic acid) into your body. Those molecules act as messengers (thus, mRNA) that cause an “adaptive immune response” that presumably would lead your body to identify and destroy the COVID-19 virus.

(2) There are known side-effects of being vaccinated, ranging from fairly mild effects like pain and swelling in the injection site, headaches, chills, fever and fatigue (CDC), to severe side-effects in allegedly “rare” cases, including “temporary” paralysis and allergic reactions that have led to death.

(3) Rushed into production, the vaccines did not undergo the usual protocol of lengthy human trials, which means possible long-term effects of these vaccines are unknown. That would explain why in the United States, the vaccine manufacturers are exempt from legal liability. From CNet:

At this point, it’s way too early to determine whether the COVID-19 vaccines cause long-term side effects, although experts are confident the vaccines are safe. The CDC, WHO, FDA and other health institutions will continue to monitor long-term effects and collect data as more people get vaccinated.

In other words, and to put it bluntly, vaccinated people are being used as guinea pigs in a massive medical experiment.

For people who refuse to receive this experimental “vaccine,” below are images of the front and back of the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card showing you’ve been vaccinated against the Wuhan virus. (H/t Elizabeth)


  • Resize the two images to 3″ x 4″.
  • Center and print the first image (front of vaccination card) on card-type paper.
  • Then flip the paper, center and print the second image (back of vaccination card).

Here is source link, where additional info can be found:

See also “Madness: Coronavirus-vaccinated are ditching friends who refuse to be vaccinated“.


Madness: Coronavirus-vaccinated are ditching friends who refuse to be vaccinated

In March 2020, a Pew Research Center survey found that “white liberals” were more likely (46%) to have been diagnosed with a mental health condition compared with their moderate and conservatives peers.

The disparity was especially pronounced among young people, aged 18-19:

  • Nearly half of young white liberals (46%) reported being diagnosed with a mental health condition, whereas 26% of young white moderates and 21% of young white conservatives reported a mental health diagnosis.
  • The more liberal the young white liberals, the more mentally ill.
  • Young white females who identified as liberal or very liberal were by far the most likely (56%) to report a mental health diagnosis, compared with 28% of young moderate women and 27% of young conservative women.

Here’s the latest example.

Disproportionately more Democrats or liberals have chosen to receive the COVID-19 vaccine of whatever manufacturer, none of which has gone through the usual protocol of human trials, which means we simply don’t know what the long term  effects of these vaccines are.

While I believe that everyone has and should have the freedom to decide whether they want to be vaccinated, have you noticed that those who are vaccinated are downright hostile toward people who decline to be vaccinated?

Some time ago, a Facebook friend (I have one friend on my fake Facebook account using an alias in order to access content that is only available if I have an account) posted that she was considering not getting the Covid vaccine and asked her friends (who number 1,650) if they would get vaccinated. I responded, pointing out that the vaccine’s long term effects are unknown. The reaction to my comment was one of fury (angry emoji) from others who were  incandescent rage at my pointing out a fact, a truth. If I had been their Facebook friends, I’m sure they would have unfriended me.

Kate Mulvey in 2007 (source: Daily Mail)

Kate Mulvey is a free-lance UK journalist who regularly writes for The TelegraphIn an essay for The Telegraph on June 2, 2021, Mulvey related that when a “friend” said she declined the COVID-19 vaccine, Mulvey found herself “fuming” and “increasingly angry at those who refused to be vaxxed.”

Mulvey called those who refuse to be vaccinated “vaccine-dodging idiocy”. Applauding TV personalities (Countdown presenter Nick Hewer and Good Morning Britain host Adil Ray) who ditched friends who had decided not to have the Covid vaccine, Mulvey declared she too is “no longer seeing those friends who refuse to get jabbed.”

Here’s another example of their mental illness and irrationality.

A new study by German scientists at Munich University found that lockdowns had little effect on controlling the coronavirus pandemic. The statisticians found “no direct connection” between the German lockdown and falling infection rates in that on three occasions before a national lockdown was imposed in April, November and December 2020, infection rates had already begun to fall.

Notwithstanding the demonstrable ineffectiveness of lockdowns, a new Gallup survey found that as many as 71% of U.S. Democrats want healthy people to stay home “as much as possible,” even as vaccinations soar and new Covid infections have plummeted. In contrast, 87% of Republicans surveyed and 64% of independents said it was time for people to start living normally after more than a year of pandemic shutdowns and working from home.


Enzyme used to develop COVID19 tests is named after Lucifer, aka Satan

There is a rumor going around on the net that the COVID-19 vaccines contain luciferin (an organic compound) or luciferase (an enzyme). But that rumor was debunked by a Reuters fact-check:

The novel coronavirus vaccine manufactured by Moderna does not contain luciferin, an organic compound involved in bioluminescence, or the enzyme luciferase, contrary to claims on social media. While luciferase was involved in some COVID-19 research in the summer of 2020, none of the available vaccines contain either ingredient.

Suggesting a Satanic link, a post on Facebook reads, “MODERNA VACCINE CONTAINS “LUCIFERIN” IN A 66.6 SOLUTION. YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP (here). Other posts making this claim can be found here , here and here….

A fact sheet on the FDA’s website here discloses the ingredients in the vaccine. It includes mRNA, lipids, cholesterol, 1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine, tromethamine, tromethamine hydrochloride, acetic acid, sodium acetate, and sucrose.

It does not list luciferin, an organic compound that produces light through oxidation (here), in its ingredients, or mention anything about a “a 66.6 solution,” as the posts claim.

Moreover, none of the other available vaccines, manufactured by Pfizer, Janssen and AstraZeneca, contain luciferin, according to ingredients lists seen here , here and here.

However, Reuters determined that the enzyme luciferase is used to develop COVID-19 tests:

While the enzyme is not a vaccine ingredient, researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston last July isolated luciferase from fireflies to develop more accurate COVID-19 tests and potential treatments (here).

Scientists at the University of South Florida College of Public Health conducted similar research (here).

Reuters airily proclaimed that “Lucifer,” “luciferin” and “luciferase” all come from the Latin lux, meaning light, and ferre, meaning to carry, and that despite their shared etymology, the compound and enzyme are not related to the fallen angel.


Since the root word of “luciferin” and “luciferase” is the Latin “lux,” meaning light, if “light” is what is meant, the enzyme and compound in question should more accurately be named “luxferin” or “luxferase.”

Instead, “luciferin” and “luciferase” were chosen — deliberately — with full knowledge of the meaning of the word “lucifer” for Christians.

One must ask why.

Why would anyone name this enzyme “luciferase” or the organic compound “luciferin” after the fallen angel Lucifer, aka Satan?


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