Tuesday Truth Bombs

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Gracie Storvica
Gracie Storvica
29 days ago

Although all of those were excellent, the most profound one was the one picturing illegal immigrants showing up without masks, etc.–all the while the citizens of this nation were railed at over masks, shots, distancing, etc. We now have the phenomenon where there are outbreaks of leprosy in our nation, particularly in Florida and other Southern states. I believe that there have also been instances of bubonic plague–all brought to you and I by people who have flaunted our laws and freely brought these plagues across our borders with them.

Back in the day (think Ellis Island) all those who came into our country got thorough medical examinations before being let loose on the American populace. It is astonishing that in 100+ years, as a nation we are more ignorant that those people back then. There can be little doubt that among our government officials there are those who wish to destroy our America. This is just one of the ways they are using to accomplish that feat.

May Our God watch over His righteous children, since that task is beyond what mere mortals can accomplish.

Brian Heinz
Brian Heinz
29 days ago

So Spot on Doc thank you.

28 days ago

All of these are right on target, DrE.