America in decline: CVS to close 900 stores due to rampant increase in shoplifting

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America is in decline, particularly in democrat-run cities. As a result, our nation is facing the folowing:

  • Increased inflation and interest rates
  • Increased debt (both for the nation and many individual households)
  • Disasterous “Defund the Police” policies
  • Increased crime with soft-on-punishment policies
  • Open borders with thousands of illegal aliens arriving daily as well as drugs (particularly fentanyl) pouring into our cities

The disasterous policies of this administration and democrats (I’d also include The Swamp in the blame game) have led to this:

CVS says it will close NINE HUNDRED stores by the end of 2024 – 10% of all its shops – as it moves to online strategy amid rampant increase in shoplifting

From the Daily Mail:

“CVS is set to close hundreds of stores across the country as it undergoes a complete retail overhaul – as more outlets move towards online sellers amid rampant increases in crime.

The major drugstore chain is coming to the end of a policy launched in 2021 which will see 300 stores closed each year – meaning 900 will have shuttered by 2024. 

In the announcement, which has hit headlines again recently amid rampant shoplifting at the chain, bosses they said that they were undergoing a new ‘retail footprint strategy.’

CVS and other retailers across the US continue to adjust to post-pandemic footfall, with COVID helping turbocharge the popularity of online shopping. More shoppers are turning to buying online in the wake of the pandemic, as well as rocketing levels of shoplifting affecting sales in stores.

CVS claims that ‘local market dynamics, population shifts, and a community’s store density’ are some of the aspects it has looked into when deciding which stores to shutter.”

Read the whole story here.

Locked up goods: What many Americans now see when shopping at their local stores.

Things are so bad in democrat-run Oakland, California that over 200 businesses are staging a strike today to protest over crime that has “gotten out of hand” and are demanding better public safety.

San Francisco’s retail area is turning into a ghost town due to crime and homelessness. Stores are closing in Seattle due to crime. Philadelphia convenience stores are closing due to brazen thefts. This is pattern in many other democrat-run cities such as Baltimore, Chicago, Washington DC, New York, and Los Angeles.

Local and national elections matter. The health and prosperity of our American cities matter. Remember folks:


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2 months ago

This is just the beginning it will escalate way beyond this to the point nobody will be able to afford anything. Please consider stocking up now before you can’t. Food, water, medicine, just what ever your going to need that will be gone when everything shuts down. Gloom and Doom I know if Trump gets in it will make a turn. But if he don’t we are in serious trouble.

VOTE no matter how you feel about someone on a personal basses look at what is at stake and know who you should vote for.

2 months ago

Notice that the stores being closed (and it’s not just CVS) are in large cities where the “Progressive” city govt policies aid and abet rampant shoplifting.

Jackie Puppet
Jackie Puppet
1 month ago

I’ve noticed a few CVS stores in my area closed in the past year, and some are not in areas taken over by blacks either, they’re in fairly decent suburbs.

1 month ago
Reply to  Jackie Puppet

A staffer at the CVS I frequent, which is in a red-state suburb, told me that store policy is to not confront or interfere with shoplifters. No wonder shoplifting is rampant.