The “revolving door” of crime in Washington State

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Criminals in democrat-run cities are given a pass under the guise of “criminal justice reform,” “equity” and “systemic racism.”

Throw in activist judges, BLM and the “Defund the Police” movement popular in these cities and you have the perfect recipe for the release of repeat offenders and increased crime.

Seattle has 118 repeat offenders which the city, a couple of years too late, now realizes is a threat to public safety.

The problems associated with democrat policies extends south of Seattle as well.

In Thurston County, Washington (Olympia area) they experienced slightly more crime in 2021 compared to 2020.

Judge Sharonda Amamilo

In 2020 the people of Thurston County elected Judge Sharonda Amamilo to the Thurston County Superior Court. The Court web page describes the good judge:

“Judge Sharonda D. Amamilo was elected to the Thurston County Superior Court Bench in 2020 and began her historic first term in 2021 as the first person of color to serve as a Judge in Thurston County. She is committed to protecting the constitutional rights of all citizens, bringing a diversity of experience and background to objectively deliver compassionate justice to litigants appearing before the court; many with traumatic backgrounds.”

How compassionate is the judge? As reported by Jason Rantz at KTTH, she released a woman who led police on a high-speed chase, has 17 prior convictions, failed to show up for five previous court appearances, and was booked for three counts of assault in the first degree, possession of a stolen vehicle, attempt to elude, and DUI. The good judge released the suspect on her own personal recognizance, on the promise she’d return for a future court date.

You can read all the details about the judge’s compassion for criminals here.

Progressives never learn:


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1 month ago

You are so right DCG elections do have consequences and the people living there are reaping the rewards of just that. I feel really sorry for those who are caught in a bad spot. The only thing in that situation is to move but I am sure a lot can’t with the economy being in the crapper.

If biteme causes a third world war while over there we will not have an election here. They will lock us down and keep us from electing Trump in so be prepared for what might happen.

The hamass is blaming Israel for but its a lie their own rocket they shot towards Israel miss fired and ended up in the hospitals parking lot the hospital was not hit. You can google map the area and you’ll see its still there.
All part of their plan to get the rest of the Arab world to side with them and help commit genocide its all by design so stay sharp don’t let fear get to you Christ is our hope and he said fear not what they can do to you. Sorry I seem to the most gloom and doom person on here and I apologize to you all.

1 month ago

Don’t care. Never gonna move there for my retirement. Never gonna give then my business. Never gonna sell or buy real estate there. Never gonna send a kid to school there K-12 or for college or beyond. Never gonna do anything that sends my tax dollars there. Over and out.

1 month ago

Amazing! How can we continue with such bad government?

Brian Heinz
Brian Heinz
1 month ago
Reply to  TrailDust

Just not bad enough yet for them, way past for us. Once they have had a belly full of the lie, they have been fed. Then it will be bad enough. Sadly for us we have to wait and watch our nation go down the toilet and our safety with it.