NYC “rat czar” doing a bang up job…not!

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NYC Rat Czar Kathleen Corradi

New York City has many problems, one of them being an out-of-control rat population. Mayor Adams appointed Kathleen Corradi as the “rat czar” in April 2023, with an annual salary of $155,000.

It’s been almost a year, so how are things going for Corradi in her new position? Just about how you’d expect:

Eric Adams’ war on rats ‘smoke and mirrors’ as NYC rodent complaints spike nearly 8%

From NY Post:

“Rodent complaints have spiked nearly 8% across New York City since Mayor Eric Adams took office — despite his ballyhooed multi-million dollar war on rats and vow from Day One to make headway against the vermin, troubling 311 data shows.

There were 41,748 rat sightings and other vermin-related complaints made through the city’s 311 hotline in 2023, up 1.5% from 41,120 a year before; up 7.6% percent from the 38,809 complaints fielded in 2021 during Bill de Blasio’s final year as mayor; and 32% more than the 31,644 complaints in 2019, a Post analysis of city records found.

For at least the fifth straight year, Brooklyn — where Adams previously served as borough president — was home to more rat complaints than any other NYC borough with 15,769, up 5% from 15,032 in 2022.”

Read the whole story here.

I’m fresh out of sympathy for these democrat-run cities. Y’all voted for this. They got one choice at this point since they never change their voting habits:


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Captain America
Captain America
1 month ago

Are you sure that isn’t Horatio Sanz?

1 month ago

40 yrs ago, when living East, our city banned garbage pick-ups contained in big black, plastic garbage bags. The ban arose when finding, in short time, that rat & other populations fed on easy-entry smorgasbord daily & multiplied at super-mammal rates. We did not only forsake plastic bags, but adhered to big, old metal (NOT PLASTIC) trashcans. DOH! Garbage at the curb must be treated like food kept out of reach of campsite burglars in the state or federal parks. I’d like to take over Kathleen’s rat job upon my retirement as my second career. I’d probably make more money than I’ve made as a teacher all these years. In fact, online info abt Kathleen says she was an “elementary school teacher w/”interest” in rats, as anti-vermin advocate.” I can compete 🙂 Master’s degree plus 90 in education. 30 yrs experience PLUS, grew up on a farm where we took rat control seriously enough that we NEVER refused a donated barn cat…where rats could threaten stored food crop for the milk-producing cows through the winter. Controlling rats was a part of keeping milk-producing cows alive every winter …& thus, giving the rest of you milk, cheese, butter, cream cheese, sour cream, etc. You’re welcome. Bet I could clean up the city or make a good start before my second retirement.