Baby born with spina bifida survives in-womb surgery & goes on to walk & run

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This is very good news for the advancement and treatment of birth defects in the womb. Many women whose babies are diagnosed with spina bifida before birth will go on to have an abortion.

Piper-Kohl Kelly is living proof that modern technology can save children.

Piper-Kohl Kelly happy & healthy at five years old/SWNS photo

From The Irish Sun:

A girl whose parents were told she may never walk is now running around — after surgery in the womb. Mum Georgia Axford and dad Tyler Kelly discovered at the 20-week scan their unborn baby had spina bifida, which can paralyse the legs.

They got a £9,000 loan and travelled to Germany for an op where a collagen patch helps repair the spine.

Piper-Kohl Kelly, named after surgeon Dr Thomas Kohl, was then born early (in 2018) but healthy, and a fundraiser helped pay back the loan.

Now aged five, she can walk and run and has taken part in school sports day.

Georgia, 24, from Yate, South Gloucs, said: “Seeing her run on the tracks was amazing. I never thought she’d be able to do something like that. Sometimes it doesn’t feel real. I think back to what we were told, and they were really negative about Piper’s diagnosis. We were prepared to give Piper whatever support she needed. I can’t believe it – we’re so lucky to see Piper achieve what she does.”

Such a happy ending!


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1 month ago

God bless Piper, her family and the surgeon.

1 month ago

Every single day a multitude of children are aborted at some point of development for no reason other than “convenience.” “My body, My choice.” So, these condemned to death are a “choice” by our laws. Sadly, to many parents, there are others who are aborted due to bad news that forbodes diminished life, if any. On this medical “diminished life” end, we are steadily making such positive progress, like this case, Piper, to a NORMAL life. Does this not even damn those MORE that abort for “convenience?” I am older and not willing to spend the end of my life “crusading” anymore for the “sinned against” in our population. Or the Others must take this up…but in these current generations, I am not holding my breath for a turn that supports life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We live in a death cult.