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The kindness of dogs

St. Catherine of Siena said, “Charity is the sweet and holy bond which links the soul with its Creator: it binds God with man and man with God.”

By that measure, the following dogs are closer to God than many humans.

(1) A Golden Retriever found a scraggly stray kitten and brought the kitten home to the dog’s human.


(2) A little white puppy comforts its human, a dejected street performer in Colombia, when no one gave him a cent for his singing. (Go to The Dodo for the rest of the story.)

This last one is truly remarkable.

(3) A Golden Retriever pup found two goldfishes out of water. So the pup gently takes each goldfish in its mouth, then puts the fish back in the bowl of water. Note how after the puppy releases the fish into the bowl, the pup nudges the fish to make sure the fish is okay.

But there are some who insist non-human creatures like these holy dogs don’t have souls….