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Washington, D.C, failed city (part 2)

Take a bow: Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser.

Our Nation’s capitol is a democrat-run city and a dangerous place to live. Violent crime is up 38% in Washington compared to the same time last year.

Now, thanks to democrat policies, it’s more difficult to shopt at CVS. As reported by The Daily Mail:

CVS in Washington DC replaces stock with PHOTOGRAPHS of items as it battles with out-of-control crime and moves to shut 900 stores

How you get to shop in democrat-run cities.

From their story:

“A CVS pharmacy in Washington DC has been forced to replace almost all its stock with photographs in an attempt to combat rampant shoplifting. 

Framed images of items such as toilet paper and kitchen towels stand in place of the real thing, according to pictures shared to X, while customers have to press a button to request staff fetch the products from storage. 

‘This is how we live in America now?’ questioned conservative commentator Joey Mannarino, who shared the images. ‘This is the third world!’ 

The pharmacy’s dystopian move comes just weeks after CVS store in DC was ransacked by up to fifty teenage looters, who routinely attack the store and pillage its shelves.  

Amid the shoplifting crisis, CVS has joined rival drugstore chains Rite Aid and Walgreens in closing over 1,500 stores combined in the coming months. “

Read the whole article here.

Voters in blue cities continue to elect soft-on-crime officials who refuse to adequately protect law-abiding citizens. Y’all need to wake up before it’s too late!


San Francisco, failed city part 2

Time and time again we see demorat-run cities that are in utter chaos: Rampant homelessness, public drug use, and increased crime. See examples here, here and here.

Man caught pooping in aisle of a Safeway store in San Francisco.

San Francisco is one of those progressive cities that tops the list of failed cities. Not only are their streets dangerous and covered with feces, tax-paying citizens are held hostage to the criminals.

Shoplifting is all but legal in California so now stores are forced to lock up goods to prevent theft. Enjoy your shopping experience, tax-paying citizens!

From Daily Mail:

“Theft has become so bad in San Francisco that some stores are now padlocking shut their freezers and tying metal chains to ensure the doors remain closed overnight

Video shot by one potential shopper at a local Walgreens in the city sees aisle after aisle of products locked away behind Perspex and glass, out of the reach of thieves.

Even lower value items such as toothpaste and tissues are kept under lock and key, such is the rampant theft that has been occurring in many of the city’s pharmacies and supermarkets. 

At one particular location, on 16th Street and Geary Blvd, the freezer doors are entirely chained up, with staff concerned thieves will come into the store overnight to empty the contents.

Shop workers have already reported a problem with thieves coming in to the store as many as 20 times a day to fill their bags full of products including items that need to be kept at cool temperatures such as frozen pizza and ice cream. “

Read the whole story here.

Don’t feel too bad for most of the citizens though. They voted for this. And have voted for this for decades. They never learn: