Washington, D.C, failed city (part 2)

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Take a bow: Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser.

Our Nation’s capitol is a democrat-run city and a dangerous place to live. Violent crime is up 38% in Washington compared to the same time last year.

Now, thanks to democrat policies, it’s more difficult to shopt at CVS. As reported by The Daily Mail:

CVS in Washington DC replaces stock with PHOTOGRAPHS of items as it battles with out-of-control crime and moves to shut 900 stores

How you get to shop in democrat-run cities.

From their story:

“A CVS pharmacy in Washington DC has been forced to replace almost all its stock with photographs in an attempt to combat rampant shoplifting. 

Framed images of items such as toilet paper and kitchen towels stand in place of the real thing, according to pictures shared to X, while customers have to press a button to request staff fetch the products from storage. 

‘This is how we live in America now?’ questioned conservative commentator Joey Mannarino, who shared the images. ‘This is the third world!’ 

The pharmacy’s dystopian move comes just weeks after CVS store in DC was ransacked by up to fifty teenage looters, who routinely attack the store and pillage its shelves.  

Amid the shoplifting crisis, CVS has joined rival drugstore chains Rite Aid and Walgreens in closing over 1,500 stores combined in the coming months. “

Read the whole article here.

Voters in blue cities continue to elect soft-on-crime officials who refuse to adequately protect law-abiding citizens. Y’all need to wake up before it’s too late!


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Brian Heinz
Brian Heinz
1 month ago

The promise of things to come if something doesn’t change and I mean soon.

1 month ago

Our nation’s most exited cities & states include the Baltimore/ Washington D.C. area, NY, Michigan, Mass, New Jersey, CA, Illinois. The most aggrieved cities of flight are not only our nation’s capital, but NYC, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, many cities in Washington state & Oregon: ALL long-held Democratic strong-holds. Where are they going? Florida, Texas, even West Virginia & N. Carolina & South Dakota, among others. Republican. These are low tax states, friendly to retirees & small business owners, people of faith, families, & homeowners, as well as adherents of the Bill of Rights & the idea of 3 separate & equal branches of the Federal Government, & the oft-ignored tenant/written word…that, what is not SPECIFICALLY assigned to the Feds in the Constitution remain the right of the state to legislate. One can only hope that these “refugees” out of ruined Democratic states and cities don’t bring along their voting records/habits and thusly begin to destroy their new “refuge” as they did in their past.Add to all this the Democrat open Southern border, a maneuver that they speculate will tip future votes to them, esp in the SW states, just as Obama did when he dumped thousands of Somali and other Muslim refugees in Minnesota and other reliably Republican states of the past.

1 month ago
Reply to  Calgirl

I share your hope, Calgirl, that those who are fleeing the failed cities in the North for the opportunities in the Midwest and South don’t bring their often disreputable baggage with them. But I am not confident that such a change will generally happen. Old habits often die hard. Still, there is hope for the newcomers. After all, it’s difficult to remain surly when you live in a place where people smile at you as they pass you the sidewalk; where drivers wave at people who are waiting at the cross walk; and where parents teach their children to answer  elders with “yes sir” and “no sir” or “yes maam” and “no maam”.    

1 month ago
Reply to  Grif

Excellent references, Grif, to the “grease” of good manners. This is oft lost elsewhere except into the several Southern states into which the Exodus of Blue Staters are refugeeing.

One time on a cross-country trip, West to East, to visit our kin, we became “bogged down” in our mileage per day progress b/c we kept being “taken in” by the locals.” (Come to my house b/c we saw your car tags & blankety blank baseball cap logo for the same thing my sister worked for…or…many other similar…..). EVEN IN AWFUL WASHINGTON, D.C. while using the then new subway system…I finally told my husband & kids…”DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT w/anyone or they will make conversation w/you & we’ll be OFF again…not covering ground we need to get “back home.” In all though, I have to say that this one year this happened to us (much more than I’ve described), was one of the last years that I felt the love of our fellow citizens toward not only me..but my children, as we traveled the 3,000 miles across the USA..I don’t think it would happen again today. Our elected officials, up into the Executives, have divided us by ideologies instead of uniting us by our humanity.