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Cry Harder: Illinois Governor begs Greg Abbott to quit sending illegal aliens to his state

Illinois became a sanctuary state for illegal aliens in August 2017. Texas Governor Greg Abbott is sending illegal aliens to sanctuary states/cities since the border is wide open and a record number of people are illegally entering the U.S. Texcas cannot handle/house/give free stuff to all of them.

And now, surprise, surprise, apparently those who claimed to welcome all have had a change of heart.

Big Mad: Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker

From Daily Mail:

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker begs for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to stop sending migrants

Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker has begged his Texas counterpart Greg Abbott to stop busing migrants to Chicago as inclement weather is set to hit the Windy City this week.

The Democrat‘s request comes as new census numbers show Chicago has 4,468 more recently-arrived asylum seekers than previously thought, bringing the total number to 34,562.

‘While action is pending at the federal level, I plead with you for mercy for the thousands of people who are powerless to speak for themselves,’ Pritzker wrote in a letter to the Republican send on Friday and seen by the Chicago Sun-Times.

‘Please, while winter is threatening vulnerable people’s lives, suspend your transports and do not send more people to our state.’

Pritzker added that Abbott’s ‘callousness’ in flying or busing migrants to Chicago during the weather conditions was ‘now life-threatening to every one of the arrivals’ as temperatures are expected to plunge.

Gov. Abbott’s office replied by saying he will stop sending migrants to Chicago when the president “secures the border,” and claimed bus drivers were taking extra precautions due to the weather.”

Read the whole story here.

Good on Gov. Abbott!


Man Whose Dog Ran Away While He Was in a Coma Is Reunited Thanks to Strangers on Internet

Luvs a happy ending!


Cat fights off coyote attack!

This is why we keep our cats inside at night: Critters. Here in Oklahoma, we got coyote, possum, armadillo, skunk, etc. All kinds of critters!

Fortunately, it appears this brave kitty survived this coyote attack.

Read about the video and attempted attack details here.

Brave kitty!


Schools that switched to remote learning harmed children’s educational achievement in math

Here in Oklahoma schools shut down for just six weeks beginning in March 2020 when the pandemic first hit and we didn’t know what to expect. They returned to normal in-school classes in the fall of 2020. Turns out that was really best for the kids.

From Daily Mail:

Students in school districts that relied more heavily on remote learning during the pandemic fell behind in math at a far greater rate than students in states, like Texas and Florida, that stuck to in-person classes, according to a Harvard study.

Nationally, all students have seen a decrease in academic achievement because of the disruption from the pandemic, an issue that has been exacerbated by poverty and race.

But  Prof. Thomas Kane, an economist and director of Harvard’s Center for Education Policy Research, found that kids that were allowed to come to school faired far better than those who were forced to learn over video feed.

‘We estimate that in high poverty schools students lost about half a year of learning if their schools were remote for half a year or more last year,’ Kane told CNN’s Jake Tapper. ‘That’s a large effect.’

The study looked at test scores for 2.1 million American students in 49 states. Math scores suffered more than reading, according to the report.

‘Interestingly, gaps in math achievement by race and school poverty did not widen in school districts in states such as Texas and Florida and elsewhere that remained largely in-person,’ Kane told the Harvard Gazette. ‘Where schools remained in-person, gaps did not widen. Where schools shifted to remote learning, gaps widened sharply.’

Read the whole story here.


Father saves his son from charging bull at Texas rodeo

Landis Hooks, 40, is being praised as a hero for coming to the rescue to protect his son (Cody, 18) as he lay unconscious after being thrown from a bull. The Daily Mail reports:

“A cowboy who was seen on video lying on top of his unconscious son to protect him from a raging bull says his mind went blank before he sprung into action, adding that it’s all just ‘part of the everyday cowboy life where I come from.’

The 40-year-old father formed a human shield over his son and even took a hit from the bull’s head as it charged toward the pair. The crowd roared in shock, but Landis kept his body pressed firmly down while the bull rampaged about.”

Read the whole story here.

Great job, dad!


People have lost their minds: Texas woman caught with 13-year-old in trunk of car because he was COVID positive

The hysteria surrounding the Wuhan virus has made some people stark-raving mad. Example:

Quick summary: A woman stuffed her 13-year-old, COVID-positive son into the trunk of her car to drive him to a Wuhan virus test site. Apparently she believed the trunk situaion was warranted in order to avoid being exposed to the virus. She’s now facing child endangerment charges.

The woman, a teacher, has been placed on administrative leave from her school district.

You can’ read all the details here about this story here.

What happened to this woman’s momma bear instincts? You have a sick child and you take care of them, comfort them, and by no means stuff them in the trunk of a car!

Alas, between the never-ending hysteria and hype surrounding this virus, some people just lose all of their common sense and caring instincts. Terrible.


Ever have deer like this in your yard?

This video is from 2015 somewhere in Texas. We get lots of critters here in Oklahoma yet I’ve never experienced something like this!


Such trusting creatures these deer are!

PS: The noise you hear in the background is those dang cicadas we have down here in the South.


God’s amazing paintbrush: Woman captures stunning Texas storm photo

This photo made the rounds on social media on Monday after a storm blew through Texas on Sunday. A gal by the name of Laura Rowe tweeted the following:

She’s now selling prints of this amazing picture. Here’s how she was in the right place at the right time to capture this image, via her Smugmug page:

“Hey y’all! I was out for a Sunday drive with my boyfriend. Small town, nothing else to do. We were over in Muleshoe checking out the salt lakes in the Muleshoe National Wildlife Refugee when we saw a small tornado touchdown close to Earth, Texas.

We looked at each other and knew we had to check out this crazy storm. We followed it for about three hours down county dirt roads until we set up in the spot where I took this shot that has now gone viral. 

I knew that God’s creation was beautiful to witness, but I had no idea that it would explode like this on social media. I was just a girl with an iPhone and nothing else to do on a Sunday afternoon, in the right place at the right time.

Thanks for checking me out, and I hope you enjoy your purchases! As a broke college kid, everything goes a long way!”

If you desire a print, order one here.