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Little leaguer comforts pitcher who hit him

True sportsmanship. The parents did a good job raising this kid.


Wild rangers safe after fleeing large cassowary


Imagine running into this creature in the wild!

The cassowary is a large flightless bird found in New Guinea, Indonesia and Australia. Cassowaries are considered to be the deadliest bird in the world despite their extremely shy nature. Watch:

Read thei whole story here.

Lesson learned: When venturing into the wild, carry a firearm or be sure to have a can of bear spray handy.


Quick-thinking teen grabs trampoline to help save people from apartment fire!

Great job, Falon!

h/t Breibart


Trio of dogs helps alert sleeping Jacksonville woman of nearby house fire

Good doggies!


Horse lets herself into the house whenever she wants

Well, I imagine this is something you don’t see everyday!


Saturday Smiles: Boys reunited with their pups!

Grab a hanky!

Man’s best friend, indeed!


An Angel among us: Woman runs senior dog sanctuary that has saved over 850 dogs

Meet Valerie Reid who runs a senior dog sanctuary in Missouri called Whispering Willows. An amazing woman who has dedicated herself to rescuing senior and hospice dogs. Watch her story:

Check out their sanctuary web site here.


Woman wakes up after in a coma for two years: “Prayers kept her alive”

From Yahoo:

“A West Virginia woman awoke from a years-long coma after being brutally attacked and identified her brother as the assailant, according to local reports.

Wanda Palmer had been in a long term care facility in New Martinsville, West Virginia, after being beaten in her home in June of 2020, according to the West Virginia Metro News. When Palmer was discovered, Jackson County Sheriff Ross Mellenger said she was so savagely attacked, authorities thought she was dead, the paper reported.

Palmer’s care facility contacted authorities last week to let them know the woman had come out of her coma, the Metro News reported.”

Read the whole story here.

The essence of faith is to believe possibiities exist. Wanda’s family must be so happy she is awake and well!


Find a common theme: Starbucks closing 16 US stores for safety issues

I wonder what these cities where Starbucks is closing stores all have in common?

From Yahoo:

“Starbucks is shuttering 16 existing locations.

The company announced Tuesday, per The Wall Street Journal, that cafes in Los Angeles; Seattle; Portland, Oregon; Philadelphia; and Washington, D.C., would permanently close by the end of July following safety concerns.

“After careful consideration, we are closing some stores in locations that have experienced a high volume of challenging incidents that make it unsafe to continue to operate, to open new locations with safer conditions,” a spokesperson told Insider in a statement.

They continued, “We look forward to continuing to serve these local communities and encourage our customers to visit us at our other stores in these areas, which can be found on the Starbucks App or Starbucks Store Locator.”

Insider and Wall Street Journal report that Starbucks’ decision follows incidents regarding drug use by customers and other members of the public in certain locations.

public letter from Starbucks senior vice presidents of U.S. operations Debbie Stroud and Denise Nelson shared the company’s desire to make its locations safe for its guests and employees.

“We read every incident report you file – it’s a lot,” the letter said, in part. “We want you to know that creating a safe, welcoming, and kind third place is our top priority.”

The letter said that the programs and benefits “to ensure you feel more supported and empowered” include “robust safety trainings for all partners” and the ability to modify operations, including “closing a restroom, or even closing a store permanently, where safety in the third place is no longer possible.” It also said that benefits to “support your mental health” and “help create emotional and financial safety” are available, among other support programs.”

Read the whole story here.

Such a shame. Our cities should not be closing stores due to local safety issues while trying to create a “planet positive impact” experience.

If kindness was all around us, why the need to close these stores? Respect and the desire for us all to thrive should be a priority.

Keep the faith that we can all Build Back Better Together at some point in the future.


Airline captain wrote letter to the tooth fairy after girl lost tooth on the plane

Way to go, Captain Josh!